Why offer an instalment facility for your e-commerce business?

More and more e-commerce sites are offering their customers the option of paying in several monthly instalments. This service is becoming a real asset in convincing Internet users to use one site rather than another. Already present in e-commerce, payment in instalments is also making its appearance in physical stores for small amounts. Paying in instalments is now very simple for consumers, and an effective tool for retailers to increase sales without risk.


  • 3.80% commission (which you can share with your customers) - This commission decreases with your business volume.
  • Baskets between 100 and 2,000 euros


  • No obligation
  • No monthly fees
  • No commissioning fee
  • Quick installation
  • Share commissions with your customers
  • No more fraud, non-payment or collection problems
  • Prices include processing and payment guarantee
  • Also available for a physical store

How does it work? Nothing could be simpler!

  1. Create your account in seconds
  2. Set up your account (logo, brand name, contact email, etc.)
  3. Integrate Alma into your e-commerce platform
  4. You're ready to offer your customers payment in instalments!




What is payment in instalments?

Also known as fractional payments, instalments give your customers the option of paying for their purchases in three or four instalments. There are two types of split payment.

Fractional payments not guaranteed

This involves simply dividing the amount into several instalments for the customer. This solution is advantageous for the buyer, but not necessarily for the merchant: the latter has to bear the shortfall in his cash flow. What's more, if a due date is not paid by the customer, it's up to the professional to recover the sums advanced, which can be laborious.

Guaranteed instalments

Guaranteed payment in instalments doesn't change a thing for consumers: they can still pay in 3 or 4 instalments. The big difference is that the entire order is paid for by your payment solution. This leaves you with a healthy cash flow, and nothing to worry about in the event of non-payment. Good for you, good for your customer: it's a win-win situation!


What are the advantages of paying in instalments for your customers?

Paying in instalments greatly enhances the quality of the consumer's shopping experience. Paying in instalments allows your customer to authorize a particularly large expenditure without the risk of overdraft. It's easier for them to control their budget, whatever their financial situation.

Payment in instalments for your e-commerce enables your customers to buy your products without straining their budget. According to an Opinionway study, the availability of payment in instalments is crucial in the choice of merchant for 1 in 4 French people, hence the need to offer this option in your online store.


What are the advantages of paying in instalments for retailers?

While the customer pays for his purchase in several monthly instalments, the merchant receives immediate payment. Cash flow is therefore preserved. What's more, in the event of a dispute, the payment service provider is responsible for recovering unpaid amounts. So you don't have to do a thing!

When a split-payment solution is installed on a site, we notice an increase in the average shopping basket. Customers pay more when they can pay in instalments.

Payment in instalments can trigger a purchase from a hesitant customer. The conversion rate is also increased, since you're offering a service that can be decisive in the Internet user's choice.

Building customer loyalty is an essential factor in online sales, and offering payment in instalments helps you achieve this goal. It can also set you apart from the competition.


How can you integrate a guaranteed fractional payment solution into your e-commerce site?

Paying in instalments is very easy to set up on your website.


Install Alma and watch your sales grow

Alma, an Anytime partner, offers you guaranteed payment in instalments. With Alma, your customer pays in installments, and you get paid in full right away. You don't have to worry about a thing, the sums are guaranteed.

Whether in a physical store or online, you can set up Alma in less than an hour and increase your sales by around 20%. Why choose Alma?


Payment is guaranteed, you receive your money immediately, and you don't have to worry about a thing. You don't have to fill in any forms or send in any paperwork- everything is done online, in real time.

Reduced costs

No set-up costs and no monthly fees! Only a 3.80% commission is charged: you can divide the costs as you see fit between you and your customer. Admittedly, your margin is lower, but you'll see a higher conversion rate when you install the solution, which more than offsets the cost. The solution is non-binding, so you can test it at your leisure.

Ease of integration

Alma is compatible with a large number of e-commerce solutions on the market. In just a few clicks, add the Alma module to your online store. In less than thirty minutes, your customers can easily pay in 3 or 4 instalments.

You can also use Alma's API for customized integration (in this case, please allow 2-3 days).

Your payments are guaranteed

In the event of a dispute, Alma is responsible for recovering any unpaid amounts. So you don't have to do a thing!

An increase in your conversion rate

Sell more and boost customer satisfaction. With Alma, paying in instalments is as easy and intuitive as conventional payment. You offer your customers an unrivalled shopping experience. This maximizes your conversion rate, boosting your sales by an average of 20%.

An exceptional acceptance rate!

Alma has the highest acceptance rate on the market: 95%.

All your data in one place

All your data in one place!

  • Real-time sales
  • Date-by-date accounting exports (CSV or XLS format)
  • Easy, intuitive refunds
  • Aggregate view for multi-site companies

Also available for your physical store

Offer your customers in-store payment in instalments. No paperwork or receipts required, your customer pays in a minute in-store. It's that simple.

Alma, like Anytime, wants to simplify its customers' professional lives. Find out today how to offer your customers payment in instalments.

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