Get financing to boost your company's growth

October's mission is to provide better financing for businesses. Over 2,300 companies have borrowed from October in the past 7 years. Thanks to its technological expertise, October offers a simple, ultra-fast, 100% online solution for financing small and medium-sized businesses. Once published on the platform, your project is financed by individual and institutional lenders, and you receive the funds in your account in just 7 days!

What do October loans finance?

October offers loans from €30,000 to €5 million, with a maximum term of 7 years, to finance all types of needs: cash flow/WBS requirements, works, acquisition of equipment and intangible assets, recruitment, external growth, etc. The platform has simplified the credit application and analysis process as much as possible. However, 3 conditions are essential to be eligible:

- Be a commercial enterprise based in France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands or Germany
- Have been in business for at least three years
- Have sales in excess of 250,000 euros

October: instructions for use

With October, everything is done online, but their teams are of course available on chat or by phone at any time.

- In 1 min: test your eligibility by completing their online form in just a few clicks. If you are eligible, you can then complete your application by adding bank and financial documents and answering additional questions. Your file is automatically analyzed and validated by their Credit team.

- Ultra-rapid decision-making: you receive an instant offer for amounts under €200,000, and within 48 hours for higher amounts. Your project is then published on the platform and open to financing by individual lenders and the October fund.

- In 7 days: the funds are paid into your bank account!

The benefits

October complements banks to make your credit (and your life!) easier: no more paperwork, no more physical appointments, no more long delays... They leverage their technology and data to automate their processes as far as possible, constantly improve their risk analysis and guarantee you financing in 7 days! October is simple and fast.