Manage expenses your association

Anytime has developed a dedicated expense management solution for associations. We have simplified cash management.

Easily manage your association's expenses Grant rights to officers, members and volunteers

Mastercard cards with budget management

Set budgets per project and authorize collaborators to use this budget with capped Mastercard cards. The budget can be changed at any time, giving you flexibility and peace of mind.

Mastercard cards for your volunteers

Set a limit for each employee. Increase or decrease your card limits in real time, according to your needs.

Mastercard cards for online payments

Mastercard makes it easy to pay for your online purchases. Transact with your plastic cards, but also with virtual cards, which can be used once only, depending on their use.

Pay by card rather than cash

With its limits and budget management, Anytime gives you greater control over your expenses and associated receipts.

We've simplified checkout management. Everything is automatic

Scan of receipt

After each transaction, your employees can instantly attach the associated receipt. For each transaction, you'll find a receipt for the expenses incurred on your interface. You know who spends what and when.

Real-time reconciliation

After each card payment, you take a photo of the receipt and insert it into the corresponding transaction. Our archiving solution with probative value means you no longer need to keep the paper document.

Expense reminders without receipts

Retrieving all invoices can be a real headache. Set personalized reminders to automatically email your employees if transaction receipts have not been associated. Speed up your expense claim retrieval process!

Automatic accounting export

Upload your data in QIF format to your interface at any time to facilitate your accounting integration. Give third-party access to your accountant or treasurer, so that he or she can download statements as needed.

Allocating expenses to a project

Assign each of your credit card transactions to a project with a defined budget. See the difference between your projected and actual budgets at a glance, so you can better understand the evolution of your business by clarifying your figures.

Tighter controls

Volunteers who might think that the association's funds are identified in real time

Real-time expense tracking

All your card movements are updated in real time. E-mail notifications enable you to monitor your employees' spending at any time, so you can manage your budget optimally.

Real-time employee blocking

Block or cancel an employee card at any time, whenever you need to, in just a few clicks.

Identifying non-compliant expenditure

Control your expenses quickly. Set up alerts for real-time reporting of transactions above a pre-defined amount, or on public holidays, for example.

At last you can throw away your paper receipts

Archiving with probative value

Anytime provides an archiving solution with probative value. It enables you to keep an electronic copy of a paper document. Legally, the electronic document has the same value as the paper document. In the event of an URSSAF or tax audit, documents with probative value have the same legal value as original documents. Article 16 of the rectifying finance law of December 29, 2016 (law no. 2016-1918 of December 29, 2016) authorizes companies to keep their expense report receipts on electronic media.

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