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a medical-social establishment

  • Eliminate the risk of cash theft and fraud
  • Give autonomy to supervisors and guests
  • Simplify petty cash management

We' ve been working with medical-social establishments for 10 years

Secure and simplify expense management for your teams and guests

Our financial management solution helps your association or foundation in its mission with Unaccompanied Minors (UAMs), people with disabilities, or people requiring adapted accommodation.

Bank cards to avoid cash risks

Our system replaces cash with a secure solution that feeds cards instantaneously or on a scheduled date, avoiding the risk of theft, fraud or errors.

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Greater financial transparency

Thanks to our solution, you can keep better track of all your financial flows, making it easier to deal with the authorities in charge of auditing your association's accounts.

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No more petty cash management headaches

Our solution enables finance and accounting departments to increase efficiency and productivity by replacing petty cash and tedious data entry.

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A vehicle for autonomy and education

Offer autonomy to residents and/or supervisors by equipping them with Mastercard cards to receive endowments or manage expenses. The card can also be used as part of an educational project to teach people how to manage a budget.

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Our customers speak best of us

We are proud to support committed players in the social and medico-social sector in their mission of public utility.

I closed an account I had with a traditional bank for Anytime. It's easier with Anytime, you have more autonomy, operations are done online, I can change the limits without going anywhere, I waste less time!
Mohamed Yazide,
Agriculture Mayotte Sports and Cultural Association

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