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Frequently asked questions

Associations, which package is right for you and what documents do you need?
To benefit from an account for your association, you can subscribe to one of the 4 packages we offer ✨

However, we don't recommend the Solo package. Indeed, an association account requires special follow-up: you must therefore be able to reach your advisors whenever you wish by telephone 📞

👉 To open an account for your association, you will be asked to provide the following documents:

✅ A copy of the publication in the Journal Officiel,
✅ The signed and registered articles of association,
✅ The election of the bureau

We will also need to confirm the identity of the association's President and Treasurer.

The President will be identified by video 🎥 For this, the President will simply need to be in possession of his ID at the time of opening.

For the Treasurer, you' ll need to join us by message:
✅ A photo of his or her front and back ID or passport as Treasurer of the association, in color and currently valid,
✅ Proof of address less than 3 months old showing your surname/first name and personal address (gas, water, electricity, Internet box, landline telephone bill, current tax notice).

If the Treasurer is a lodger:

✅ Proof of address less than 3 months old in the name/first name and personal address of the lodger (gas, water, electricity, Internet box, landline telephone bill, current tax notice),
✅ Valid, full-color, double-sided ID of the lodger,
✅ A lodging certificate based on the Anytime model: https://secure.anyti.me/assets/images/affidavit.png

🚨 If it is not the President of the association who is opening the account, you will need to attach to your application a power of attorney issued by the President of the association against the person opening the account, according to the following model (to be drawn up on a document on the association's letterhead):

I, the undersigned Mr (or Mrs) (first name, surname), acting in the capacity of (specify function) of the association (specify), registered (specify identification number), and whose registered office is located at (specify address) hereby give power of attorney to :
Mr (or Mrs) (first name, surname), (capacity), domiciled at (address) to contract with Anytime SA located at Avenue Louise 326 - 1050 Brussels, on behalf of the association (specify).
Done at (specify), on (specify).
What type of package is right for my business?

At Anytime, there are 5 different types of subscription

👉The Start package at €9.50/month

The Start subscription is aimed at the self-employed, professionals and micro-businesses.
You have two accounts, one personal and one professional. The rate also includes a Mastercard and 50 virtual business cards.

✅ The "+" of the Start package

-A pro account and a personal account to clearly differentiate your expenses
Real-time tracking of all transactions
-Use sub-accounts to isolate your business expenses, such as VAT, RSI and social security contributions.
Option to order a stand-alone payment terminal
-Track expenses 100% digitally
-20 outgoing transfers and direct debits per month
SMS and e-mail alerts
-Customer service by chat

👉The Easy package at €19.50/month

This offer is aimed at professionals, freelancers, self-employed people or entrepreneurs, associations, who would like to benefit from more services than the Solo offer, including access to telephone assistance. The price includes three MasterCard cards and 200 virtual business cards.

The "+" of the Easy package

-Solo benefits
-100 free outgoing transfers and direct debits per month
-Telephone customer service via a dedicated telephone line

👉The Boost package at €99/month

Perfectly suited to the activities of SMEs and start-ups, the Boost offer includes 5 Mastercard cards and virtual business cards, ideal for secure temporary operations. It also features multiple configurable account accesses, ideal for structures that need to give account access to several managers with different levels of rights.

✅ The "+" of the Boost package

-Start & Easy package benefits
-200 free transfers and direct debits per month
-A complete invoicing tool: easily manage your quotes, purchase orders and invoices
Multi-account functionality

👉The Business package at €99/month

Dedicated to companies (EURL, SASU, SARL, SCI, SA or SAS) from 2 to 10 people, startups and associations, the Business package entitles you to all the benefits of the Boost package, with added features. The offer includes 10 Mastercard cards and 500 virtual business cards.

The "+" of the Business package

-500 free transfers and direct debits per month
-A complete invoicing tool: easily manage your quotes, purchase orders and invoices
-Automatic reminders for customer payments
-Management dashboard to visualize your business indicators (sales, incoming and outgoing payments, balance, pending invoices, etc.).

👉 Corporate package at €249/month

The Corporate package has been created for companies with 10 to 250 employees. You benefit from VIP customer service, with an advisor available by chat and phone. You get 20 Mastercard cards and 1,000 virtual business cards.

The "+" of the Corporate package

-All the benefits of Easy, Boost and Business packages
-Unlimited outgoing transfers and direct debits
-Dedicated customer service with dedicated advisors

Is Anytime a bank?
Anytime is not a bank ✋

💬 Professional accounts like Anytime offer banking services, the aim of which is to replace those of a traditional bank. Nevertheless, strictly speaking, they are not banks in the legal sense of the term. They are, in fact, payment institutions.

What's the difference? This legal status, created by the European Union in the late 2000s, authorizes Compte Pros to provide payment services to individuals and legal entities, but they are not allowed to grant overdrafts or loans to their customers. This difference in status also has an impact on the overall management of customer deposits.
Why use Anytime?
Although the landscape of professional accounts has expanded considerably in recent years, many newcomers are focusing on helping entrepreneurs, micro-entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. Anytime's aim is to gain a foothold with SMEs. Our aim is to build on an excellent product by being as close as possible to the needs of entrepreneurs 🚀

Today, we offer a system of sub-accounts to isolate future expenses in order to improve your cash management ✨

In terms of expense management, dematerialized receipts are certified for the tax authorities thanks to our archiving system with probative value! Don't worry about losing or damaging receipts 🔥

We offer our customers a tool that enables contractors toissue quotes and invoices in their company's colors, and to have a real invoicing follow-up 🤝
Who can open an Anytime account?
Anytime offers account opening for a wide range of professionals. If you don't find what you're looking for on this list, don't hesitate to contact our teams (claim link) who will be happy to help you 🤝

✅ Companies already created :

- Micro-companies (auto-entrepreneur, self-employed, liberal professions...)
- SA - Société Anonyme
- SAS - Société par Actions Simplifiées
- SASU - Société par Actions Simplifiées Unipersonnelle
- SARL - Société à Responsabilité Limitée
- EURL - Entreprise Unipersonnelle à Responsabilité Limitée
- EI(RL) - Entrepreneur individuel à responsabilité limitée
- SCI - Société Civile Immobilière

✅ Companies in the process of being set up

Anytime can help you set up your company. We can guide you through the complete creation of your company or in obtaining your certificate of capital deposit 🚀

✅ Associations

We accept associations of any size, whether you are registered with the Registre du Commerce or not.

💬 List of authorized countries of residence: France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Luxembourg.
How do I open an account?
Opening an account with Anytime takes just 10 minutes! ⏱

Simply fill in your personal and business details, take your ID and proceed to video verification 🎥

How do I change bank?
You can now open your Anytime account even if you haven't yet closed your business account.

👉 When closing an account, make sure you have a positive balance to avoid management fees. Don't forget to give your new RIB to companies and organizations with direct debit mandates (telephone, internet, tax...). Clearly, you must not make any further bank transactions on the account to be terminated.

Next, you need to close your old account. The process is fairly similar for all banks:

- You must first notify us that you wish to close your account. This can be done by e-mail or registered post, depending on your bank.
For traditional banks, you need to send a request for closure by handwritten letter signed by the company's representative by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt ✍️
For an online bank, an e-mail may suffice 📧

- You need to enclose with your request a copy of your ID and/or a copy of proof of identity of the company (Kbis extract...), the bank details of your account and your means of payment, or a certificate of destruction of your means of payment (cheques, bank cards, etc.).If your account is in credit, you can also attach the RIB of your new account so that the funds can be paid into it.

🚨 Always check the conditions for closing your account with your bank, as the documents requested, fees and conditions for closing may vary slightly.
How do I write the letter closing my old business bank account?
👉 Here is a model:

Your company
Postcode / City
Tel no.

Bank name
For the attention of (your appointed bank advisor)
Postcode / City

Done at (City), on (Date).

Subject: Closure of business bank account
Account no.: (indicate the number of the bank account to be closed)

(Dear Sir/Madam),

I am writing to inform you of my wish to close my business bank account no. XXX (indicate the number of the bank account) held with your bank. I would also like to cancel my bank card contract linked to this account.

I would like these operations to be carried out on .... (date of account closure)

(In the case of a credit account) :
Please transfer the balance remaining on this bank account to account no. YYYY (indicate the bank account number to which the balance is to be transferred). Please find my RIB enclosed with this letter.

(In the event of a debit account):
My business bank account is in debit by X € (indicate amount). Please find enclosed a cheque for this amount to regularize the situation.

Please accept, Sir or Madam, the assurances of my highest consideration.

Are my funds protected?
Our priority is the security of your money 🔐

The sums entrusted to us are held in specific accounts, in accordance with European regulations 🇪🇺 These accounts belong to our approved partners and are supervised by the Banque de France or the Banque Nationale de Belgique (BNB). All your money remains available for use at any time. Neither Anytime nor anyone else can use or invest your money

In the event of bankruptcy, as a customer, you would then be assured of recovering your deposits in full.

💬 Please note: In traditional banks, deposits are guaranteed up to 100,000 euros, per customer and per establishment. This includes sums held in current accounts, but also in passbooks, term accounts, home savings plans, youth passbooks and share savings plans. In short, it covers all accounts held with the bank.
What documents do I need to open an Anytime account?
👉To open an account with Anytime, you must:

- Make a video identification with your ID (national identity card, passport or residence permit) in good condition and valid.
- Special case: if you are a self-employed entrepreneur, you must be registered with INSEE. The process is quick and easy.
What type of bank card can I have and what are the payment and withdrawal limits?
Anytime provides its customers with Mastercard debit cards. These cards come in three different forms

Physical cards

Plastic cards are used to make purchases in physical stores or e-commerce outlets, or for ATM withdrawals. They can also be used to pay for various business expenses when traveling (gas, tolls, hotels, restaurants, etc.)

Multi-purpose virtual cards

Permanent virtual cards enable you to pay for any online purchase, without the risk of having your card stolen since it is dematerialized.

Single-use virtual cards

These are created to pay for a specific purchase. For example, you can create a virtual card to pay for a one-off purchase. Once the transaction has been completed, the number becomes invalid. Your transactions are thus secure.

Your cards have a spending limit of €50,000 per year. For cash withdrawals, the limit is €15,000 per year.

Image transfer? > https://support.anyti.me/hc/fr/articles/360001325820-Quels-sont-les-plafonds-et-les-limites-de-la-carte-Anytime-

What are the differences between Anytime and a traditional bank?
Here's a list of the main differences between Anytime and a traditional bank:

-The price. Indeed, a Pro Account will offer you almost the same services as a traditional bank or even more for a reasonable and less expensive fee 🔥

-Thespeed. Traditional banks can be pretty slow: making an appointment with an advisor in a branch, paperwork... And above all a real waste of time that can put a damper on your business. The Anytime teams will always respond quickly and accurately 🚀

-Selectivity. Anytime is aimed at all pros whoever they are: VSEs, SMEs, associations, self-entrepreneurs, freelancers or companies and in virtually all sectors. Traditional banks are much more selective, refusing certain types of company or certain sectors.

-Flexibility. Anytime is constantly evolving: we're agile, we move fast to offer you a wide range of banking services. We don't hesitate to set up strategic partnerships with other fintechs to offer a broad and complete service. Payment module for your online site, payment terminal for your physical store, payment in instalments for your customers, integrated invoicing tool... are just a small example of the pluses we offer ✨

-Business creation. If you're in the process of setting up a business, we can also support you in creating your articles of association and your capital deposit 🤝

In short, we're evolving to best serve your business in an agile way.
Can I open an account if I don't live in Europe?
⚖️ As regulations are very onerous, we do not yet offer account opening to non-EU residents.

💬 We can provide our services if you, or your company, reside in one of the following countries: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Liechtenstein, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic.
Why is my identity verified by video?
Video identification is an innovative, fast and effective technology for combating identity theft 🔥

By replacing the traditional selfie with a video interaction that verifies the ID and face of the account holder, the chances of fraud are virtually nil ✅
What are Anytime's banking fees?
At Anytime, bank charges are simple: everything is written down, nothing is hidden! 🔥
You can find the details on this page.
How secure is my data?
Your personal, business & banking data are safe at Anytime 🔐

All data is encrypted. We follow the same security standards as banks to protect your data and cards (PCI DSS compliance , SSL encryption, VPN firewall..) ⚖️
Can I be overdrawn or apply for credit at Anytime?
Anytime is a payment institution. Unlike a traditional bank, Anytime is not a credit institution. Therefore, we cannot offer you bank overdrafts or credit.
💬 However, in the"Financing" section of your interface, you'll find some interesting alternatives to protect your cash flow 🤝
When will I receive my Anytime card?
Once your account has been validated, delivery generally takes 7 working days within mainland France 🇫🇷 and 15 working days outside mainland France ✈️
Can I use my Anytime account before it has been validated?
When you apply to open an account with Anytime, our teams check the documents provided to validate your account. The operation takes 48 working hours

👉 Until this validation has taken place, your account cannot be used.
How are my Anytime monthly fees deducted?
You can choose to be charged annually or monthly, knowing that you have a 30% discount if you pay your package annually. You will be billed on the anniversary of your payment date 🎂

- If you are billed monthly, your payment will be renewed every month on the same date 🔁

- If you have paid for a full year, your payment will be renewed 1 year after your subscription payment date.