Expert accountants to help you

No more nightmares with the tax authorities. Entrust your accounting to a chartered accountant who takes care of everything


Enter your accounting documents directly into our partner's accounting software or upload them to the Cloud

Preparation of financial statements

Review and validation of your accounts, finalization of your annual financial statements (balance sheets, income statements, notes), production and electronic transmission of your tax returns, delivery of the certificate or report on the assignment, delivery of the "annual financial statements" brochure.


Annual General Meeting, minutes of AGM, management report and management of formalities at the Registries. Capital transactions (increase, decrease, entry of new shareholders, etc.). A team of lawyers can also answer all your legal, tax and legal questions...

Tax return

Produce your periodic tax returns (VAT, business tax, TVS, etc.)

Cash management

From your Anytime pro account and the other pro accounts you have with the banks, flows are managed.

Billing management

Invoicing, customer reminders, cash management

Beyond bookkeeping, choose the tasks you want your accountant to carry out.

Payroll and social management

  • Drawing up pay slips
  • Social declarations
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Profit-sharing agreements
  • Staff departures / Redundancies / Collective agreements
  • Declaration for self-employed TNS
  • Other services: compliance, risk analysis

Mission to end the tax nightmare

  • VAT declaration
  • Management and declaration of CET (CVAE, CFE)
  • Calculating and reporting corporate income tax
  • Declaration of apprenticeship fees, continuing education
  • Payroll tax return
  • Drawing up and declaring Cerfa
  • Declarations specific to your business
  • Assistance with IR / IFI returns

Consulting and financial engineering

  • Acquisition and divestment audits, due diligence
  • Company and business valuation
  • Statutory auditors
  • Certification of bank covenants
  • Personal and corporate taxation
  • Wealth management advice, particularly for the transfer of assets

Why use the Anytime network to manage your accounting?

Specialists in your business

Teams dedicated to specific business sectors: retail, crafts, construction, hotels/restaurants, VTC...

Personalized support

Our partner chartered accountants are at your side to keep you informed, discuss recurring business issues and prevent risks, so that your development can be sustained over the long term.

From auto-entrepreneur to VAT-registered company

The experts' first mission is to take care of all the administrative and regulatory worries inherent in your business.
They take care of all your accounting needs, as well as all social (payroll and day-to-day social consultancy) and legal matters, especially if you're a company.

Experienced specialists

Stable in time, reachable and flexible, under the responsibility of a chartered accountant, reachable directly with an optimized budget. Office management 2.0.

Guarantee of a job well done

Some accounting packages provide you with software and then you work out what to do on your own. That's not the idea here. We take care of everything, so you don't have to worry about a thing.


In-depth knowledge of the needs of professionals, VSEs, SMEs and associations. A consortium of reputable firms committed to working alongside you and taking responsibility. A direct, privileged link with the authorities to solve your problems.

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