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Credit up to €5m for profitable businesses with our partner October

Quick and easy financing

Financing offer for commercial companies (SA, SARL, EURL, etc.) over 3 years old, with sales in excess of €250,000, positive shareholders' equity, and profitable. Find out in 1 minute how much you can borrow

  • 30.000€ à 5.000.000€
  • Instant eligibility
  • No personal guarantee, no insurance
  • Firm offer in 48h00. Funds within 7 days

Recover cash quickly

Financing your purchase orders with Redfox Finance

The merchandise you need is purchased by you. With no obligation, no personal guarantee and clear pricing.

Collecting unpaid invoices with GCollect

All your BtoC or BtoB invoices, with no minimum debt.
The GCollect platform makes it easy for you to submit your invoices, and puts you in direct contact with collection professionals. Invoice submission is free of charge. As soon as your receivables are paid, you are credited with the amount, less collection fees. The money is paid into your Anytime account.

Guaranteed payment of your bills with Dimpl!

No more late payments.

Cash in on your sales and save time

  • In the event of late payment, you receive 90% (excl. VAT) of your invoice on the due date. You receive the remaining 10% once the invoice has been paid by your customer.

  • Our partners' teams take care of your debt collection, while preserving your customer relationship.

  • Your invoices are insured. The future is sometimes unpredictable, and a customer may default. In this case, you keep the 90% you were paid.

Collecting your unpaid bills

Speed up invoice collection

A debt is said to be overdue when the time limit for payment of your invoice has passed. Don't wait, use our service to put you in touch with professional debt collectors (bailiffs, collection agencies...) for amicable debt collection without legal proceedings, to preserve your commercial relationship with your customers. Outsourcing the reminder is enough to recover the unpaid amount. You only pay if you succeed!

Sell your invoices and receive cash within 72 hours with Edebex

Factoring, sell your invoices

The principle of factoring is simple. Your customers' payment terms are usually 30, 60 or 90 days. Instead of waiting until the due date, you can choose to assign your receivables (i.e. your customer invoices). In this case, they are purchased by a specialized company (usually called a Factor), which pays you a cash amount and then collects the invoice itself.

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