Insurance to protect you

Insurances are included in cards or packages and meet the needs of self-employed people and large companies alike.

Protect your business with professional liability insurance (RC Pro)

Professional liability insurance often mandatory

Professional liability insurance protects your business and yourself. It covers you in the event of any damage you may cause.

  • Benefit-related damage
  • Damage linked to the life of the company
  • Damage suffered by a third party

Bodily injury coverage

For example, a stand falls on a passer-by at an exhibition

Property damage coverage

For example, when a coffee spills on a customer's computer and puts it out of order

Immaterial damage coverage

For example, when coffee is spilled on your customer's computer and he loses part of his data

Third-party coverage

Covers damage caused to customers, third parties or employees in the course of your business. Such damage may be caused by an employee, a trainee, etc.

Insured coverage

Covers damage you may suffer as a professional (e.g. loss of documents required for your business, website hacking, need to replace a key person, etc.).

Worldwide coverage with no deductible

Covers damage in France and abroad. No deductible for professional liability

A team of legal experts to defend you and protect your business

Preventing legal difficulties

Got a legal question? An answer in every field! Assistance with contract review and validation

Advice and dispute resolution

Out-of-court management and negotiation. Support in legal proceedings

Coverage of legal costs and/or compensation

Coverage of costs incurred in defending customers (legal fees, bailiff's fees, expert fees, etc.).

When you use your Mastercard Business card to pay for your travel, in-store and online purchases, you're covered!

Insurance included in Anytime Mastercard cards

Depending on the type of Mastercard you have, you are covered.

  • Payment protection
  • Protecting your purchases
  • Flight delay protection
  • Travel insurance
  • Lost luggage
  • Car rental deductible protection
  • Medical assistance abroad

Essential insurance for your business trips and travels

Flight delay insurance

Before their departure, your employees register their flight or train number in Anytime, and in the event of a delay, compensation is automatic, with no need to return a receipt.

Travel insurance

One of the most comprehensive travel insurances on the market, including flight cancellation, loss of luggage, provision of personal money, loss of passport...

Medical insurance abroad

One of the most comprehensive medical insurance plans on the market, including medical expenses, transfer, repatriation, dental expenses, return ticket after hospitalization...

Car rental insurance

Well protected when you rent a car

Up to €3,000 to cover the excess on the rental car used by your employee.