Protection Legal

A team of 169 legal experts to help you resolve your disputes. Benefit from legal protection included in your package.

A team of legal experts will help you defend your rights. Take advantage of this service included in your package

Legal protection comprises 3 services

Preventing legal difficulties

Got a legal question? An answer in every field! Assistance with contract review and validation

Advice and dispute resolution

Amicable management and negotiation. Support in legal proceedings

Coverage of legal costs and/or compensation

Coverage of costs incurred in defending customers (legal fees, bailiffs' fees, expert fees, etc.).

Some examples of how to use your legal protection

Commercial defense

  • My client is taking me to court for a preliminary assessment, accusing me of faulty workmanship. How can I defend myself?
  • A malicious customer posts numerous defamatory comments about my company on social networks. What recourse do I have?
  • Despite my numerous reminders, one of my customers hasn't paid his bill. How can I force him to do so?
  • I've been summoned to appear before the professional association. How can I defend myself?

Supplier dispute

  • A supplier has delivered equipment that doesn't meet my requirements. What recourse do I have?
  • The carrier has damaged the equipment I delivered to one of my customers. What are my rights?
  • My supplier failed to meet the delivery deadline and caused me to lose one of my biggest customers. What recourse do I have?
  • My internet connection is no longer working and this is seriously disrupting my business. What should I do?

Administrative disputes

  • I've just received a notice of an accounting audit. What should I do?
  • I would like to challenge the tax adjustment proposal before the administrative court. How can I defend myself?
  • I've received a visit from the DGCCRF, the French consumer protection agency, telling me that price displays don't comply with regulations. What are the risks?

Dispute with a competitor

  • A competitor is trying to poach one of my employees. What are my rights and remedies?
  • A competitor has just marketed a product similar to mine under the same brand name, simply by changing the spelling. How can I defend myself?
  • A professional who sold me the business is not respecting the non-competition clause and has just opened a similar business on the same street. How can I stop him?

Protection association

  • I've just received a notice of an accounting audit. What should I do?
  • The municipality, which has paid a subsidy to the association, is requesting the list of members. Is this legal?
  • Should unused subsidies be returned?
  • The mayor has refused to open a temporary refreshment stand. How can I contest?
  • The manager is paid by several associations. Is this legal?
  • If a manager is dismissed, does the association have to compensate him or her?
  • A general meeting has been held without prior notice. How can I challenge it?

Dispute with tax authorities

  • How do I contact the tax conciliator?
  • I would like to benefit from a penalty remission. What steps should I take?
  • I've been summoned to appear before the administrative court. How can I defend myself?
  • I've noticed errors in my tax calculation. What are my rights?

The Joker guarantee

  • When you are faced with a dispute that does not fall within the scope of our coverage, we can advise you on the steps to take and the action to take.
  • We can help you put together your file.
  • We can put you in touch with the right person: a lawyer, an expert, or a debt collection company.
  • You will then be in contact with this service provider. They will send you a fee agreement or estimate, and you will negotiate their fees with them.
  • On presentation of a receipted invoice, we will contribute to the reimbursement of expenses and fees incurred, up to a maximum of 350 euros excluding VAT per insurance year.