When accounting for the self-employed becomes child's play

As a self-employed person, taking care of your company's accounting is essential, but can be a complex and time-consuming task. That's why Anytime has decided to give you a helping hand by teaming up with Indy, an intuitive application that automates your accounting management.


Benefits 💯


🎯 A solution designed for all self-employed people: healthcare professionals, freelancers, other regulated professions, ...

💰 Clear, accessible and transparent pricing: 20 times faster than traditional software and 4 times cheaper than a chartered accountant

🤖 Intelligent, automatic transaction categorization

🔏 Effortless tax closing with the help of software and customer service

👌 A no-obligation subscription

🔥 A great offer for Anytime customers!


Rates 💸

  • For self-employed professionals subject to income tax, the offer is €20/month plus VAT,
  • For companies subject to corporate income tax, the offer is €49/month plus VAT.


Note: business expenses are deductible 💡

Anytime customer? You benefit from a partner offer, discover it from your Customer Area👤



What can this solution do for you? 🎁


Synchronization and automatic bank reconciliation 💳

Your Indy and Anytime accounts are automatically synchronized - no more manual entries or bank balance errors! Your expenses and income are automatically and securely transmitted to Indy, so you can be sure of error-free bookkeeping.


Indy piloting


Automatic categorization and ventilation 🧮

Thanks to artificial intelligence, over 90% of transactions are automatically classified! What's more, you can break down transactions or add expense reports in just two clicks, thanks to an interface designed for non-accountants.


Ventilation indy


Auto-completion of your declarations 📝

Do you spend several days a year working on your tax return or balance sheet? With Indy, that's a thing of the past! Follow the steps step by step and validate your returns with peace of mind. At each stage, Indy generates the accounting entries required for your closing.


Automated VAT return 📊

Indy simplifies your life and takes the hassle out of VAT formalities. The software automatically applies the correct VAT rate to your expenses and receipts, according to transaction category. It then guides you through the process of completing your VAT return.


Generation of your tax returns and balance sheets and remote transmission of your returns 🧳

Your various declarations (tax, VAT, fees paid, etc.) are generated directly by Indy and downloaded from the software. Your balance sheet documents are also generated by Indy and available for download if required.


How do I subscribe?

  1. Go to your Customer Area 👤 in the Accounting section
  2. Select Indy accounting software 🙋‍♂️
  3. You will then be redirected to the website of our partner Indy, where you can complete your information📝
  4. Then choose Anytime from the bank selector ✅
  5. Synchronize your Anytime account with Indy by logging in with your Anytime access 🔐
  6. Automate your accounting and simplify your business life! 😄

*For a complete list of freelancers with access to the solution, go to

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