Pro account rich in services

A pro account with far more comprehensive services than a traditional bank

The business account that will take you away from the bank

Business account

With the Anytime pro account, you get a French, Belgian or English IBAN that allows you to pay and be paid (via SEPA Credit Transfer, SEPA Core Direct Debit and B2B SEPA Direct Debit). Our pro account provides the same services as a traditional bank, but with many more features.

Physical and virtual Mastercard bank cards

Order multiple Mastercard cards to manage your expenses, overheads, Google Ads budgets or projects.

Dashboard with sub-accounts

Create sub-accounts

Sub-accounts are like piggy banks, allowing you to set money aside. Use these sub-accounts to set up cost accounting, and allocate a dedicated sub-account to each project. Set aside and isolate funds in dedicated sub-accounts to isolate your cash flow, or to settle, for example: taxes, VAT, URSSAF, RSI...

Automatic provision for taxes payable

Every month or quarter, you'll have to pay around 25% to 30% of your sales in social security contributions and taxes. If you wish, Anytime automatically sets aside funds in sub-accounts, which you can access at any time to pay your instalments.
As soon as you receive funds in your main account, a percentage determined by you will be transferred to a dedicated sub-account. Activate and deactivate these sub-accounts in real time.

More than 50 features associated with your pro account

Frequently asked questions

Pourquoi ouvrir un compte professionnel ?
Opening a pro account allows you to separate your business transactions from your personal transactions as a private individual, so as to avoid tax and accounting confusion. So, on the one hand, there's the professional and, on the other, the personal.

By opening a business account, you can designate agents and co-account holders who are separate from those of your personal account, thus facilitating all kinds of procedures.

By opening an account dedicated to your activity, you can also subscribe to more services reserved for professionals: management of expense accounts, several bank cards to control expenses, an IBAN for your pro account, editing of estimates and invoices and integrated accounting, a dedicated advisor who is highly responsive by telephone...
Who needs to open a pro account?
Not all companies are obliged to open a pro account. If you've set up a sole proprietorship (EI, EIRL), you're not obliged to open a business bank account or a separate account dedicated to your activity, unless you're trading. You can therefore use your personal current account to manage your business activity. If you work as a micro-entrepreneur, you must open a bank account dedicated to your business. This account must be separate from the one used to pay your day-to-day personal expenses. In accordance with the Pacte law promulgated on May 22, 2019, micro-entrepreneurs with sales of less than 10,000 euros are exempt from this obligation. If you've set up a company with share capital (SARL, SAS, EURL, SASU...), it's essential to open a business current account before registering the business. Otherwise, the company will not be able to deposit its capital, nor obtain the certificate of deposit of funds issued by the bank required for registration.
Which bank should I use to open a business account?

Several players currently share the professional banking offer:

  • Traditional banks

    Most traditional banks offer business accounts. Despite the emergence of new players in this market, many companies are still attracted by their wide range of products and dedicated advisors.

  • Online banking

    Professionals have only a limited choice of offers from online banks. Today, only a few offer this type of account.

  • Neo-banks

    Professionals, associations and entrepreneurs can turn to online pro accounts or neobanks. These 100% digital banks, often 100% mobile, offer many advantages: attractive rates, free basic products, instant subscription, innovative features, low and transparent fees, smooth customer experience, etc.

    Your choice of bank depends on a number of criteria: services offered, payment options, the possibility of being accompanied by a dedicated bank advisor, the range of financial and credit products on offer, international services, insurance and management services, etc.

How much does it cost to open a pro account?

A business bank account costs more than a standard current account. The cost includes :

  • account management fees
  • overdraft commissions
  • access to online services for remote account management and transfers
  • business bank card
  • business bank card

Banks' price lists are difficult to compare, as they often contain a multitude of details. Nevertheless, it's important to take a close look, as certain operations can quickly add up.

How do I open a pro account?

To open a business account, you need to follow certain steps.

  • Gather the necessary supporting documents

    Generally speaking, the documents required to open an account are :

    • proof of identity (ID card or passport) for the entrepreneur and persons authorized to use the account
    • draft articles of association (for new companies)
    • a Kbis extract dated less than 3 months and/or registration in the Répertoire des Métiers, or any other proof issued by Insee
    • if you work from business premises, proof of use of business premises

    If you choose to open an account with a neobank, most of the supporting documents can be sent online.

  • Check and sign the account agreement

    The account agreement sets out the rules for opening the account, its operation and the associated means of payment. This contract, signed with the bank, includes information such as the list of products and services available to you, rates, interest and exchange rates, and your obligations. It's important to read it thoroughly before signing up. In the event of refusal, assert your right to an account

  • If you are refused a business bank account, you can benefit from the right to an account.

    To do this, you need to contact the Banque de France, which will designate a bank to open an account dedicated to your business.

  • How do I close a pro account?

    There are a number of reasons why you may wish to close your business account (better offer from another bank, cessation of business, reaction to a dispute). To close your account, simply inform your bank of your decision in writing, enclosing proof of identity. You'll also need to hand over the various means of payment linked to the account (credit card, cheque book, etc.) and make sure that all transfers and direct debits are cancelled.

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