Solutions to cash your customers

Anytime makes it quick and easy to collect from your customers

Discover our solutions for managing your cash receipts

01. Customer direct debit

Collect your invoices without late payment. Thanks to our direct debit platform, companies of all sizes can optimize their cash flow and spend less time managing unpaid invoices.

02. Payment button

Set up a payment button on your online sales site to boost your sales. A simple, fast and secure solution that lets you invoice your customers and easily increase your conversion rate.

03. SEPA Credit Transfer

Make and receive transfers within the euro zone. Benefit from our banking solution for secure, unlimited and fast transactions.

04. Bulk transfers

Save precious time and set up grouped transfers easily via a file in csv format. 

Cash your customers easily

05. Mobile payment terminal

Pay your customers easily by credit card with a mobile payment terminal that connects via Bluetooth to your cell phone.

06. Payment terminal with receipt printing

Easily pay your customers by credit card with a stand-alone payment terminal that prints out a ticket to give to your customers.

Send your invoices and get paid by credit card

07. Payment link

Your customers can pay their bills from home, 24/7. No need to send a check or go to the post office. You limit the risk of non-payment with 3D secure authentication and security of cardholder transactions. Your account is credited rapidly, and you are informed in real time as soon as a customer has paid.

2 online payment solutions for your site

08. Less than 1M per month

Integrate a few lines of code to accept online payments on your website.

09. More than 1M per month

Discover the secure credit card payment solution for your e-commerce site. Integrate a few lines of code to create an SDK.

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How can I optimize my payment solutions?

Discover all our solutions for collecting your invoices.

Choose the payment terminal that will improve your collection capacity

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Pay your customers by direct debit

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