How can you bill your customers easily online using a payment service provider (PSP)?

Have you decided to launch your e-commerce business? So you need to offer your future customers different payment methods.


  • CB: €0.25 + 1.2% per transaction
  • Mastercard: €0.25 + 1.8% per transaction
  • Visa: €0.25 + 1.8% per transaction
  • PayPal : 0,10€ + Paypal

If you wish to negotiate your rates, volume pricing is available on request, reserved for companies processing more than 1,000 transactions or transactions in excess of €20,000 per month.


  • No minimum fee, no hidden charges, no commitment
  • Registration in 10 minutes
  • Access to all features at no extra cost
  • More than 25 payment methods in a single contract
  • Recurring payment options
  • Simple reimbursement management
  • Perfect for international expansion (+100 currencies)
  • Secure online payments


Even if you're not familiar with the term Payment Service Provider (PSP), you probably pass through one without knowing it when you shop online. In the age of e-commerce, PSPs are the companies that enable you to pay merchants by credit card over the Internet. They act as intermediaries between e-commerce platforms and their customers. PayPal, for example, is a PSP. What are the characteristics of a PSP, and the advantages of integrating them into your online sales site?


How PSPs offer you multiple online payment solutions for your e-commerce business

A payment service provider will help you offer your customers a wide range of payment solutions. The more payment solutions you offer, the more users will complete their purchase on your website. As soon as you pay for a purchase online, it is managed by a Payment Service Provider - or PSP. There are two main types of payment:

Credit card payments

The PSP acts as an intermediary between the customer's bank and the merchant's bank. It acts as the link between the issuing bank, the buyer's bank, and the receiving bank, the seller's bank.

PSP bank card operation


Other payment methods

Today, payment methods are specific to certain markets. It is therefore necessary to adopt a local approach and offer the most appropriate means of payment for the areas in which you sell. With a single contract, the seller can use all these different payment methods: this is what's known as a " full service " offer.

PSP Full Service operation


Mollie: the best PSP for integrating online payments on a website

Mollie is a leading provider of payment services, operating in the industry since 2004.

Mollie's DNA is to facilitate online payment transactions. Like Anytime, Mollie wanted to offer a tool that was less expensive than traditional banks, yet simpler and more intuitive. The platform is accessible to all online sales professionals.

One of Mollie's main objectives is to offer consumers a unique shopping experience to help entrepreneurs: by making the customer experience intuitive, we increase the conversion rate.

Mollie offers two main types of functionality.

Direct payments

With the various plugins offered by Mollie, you can easily integrate a range of payment methods into your website, enabling your customers to cash in. They can pay by credit card easily and effortlessly.

To cover all your customers' needs, Mollie also supports many popular payment methods, such as PayPal, SEPA transfers and direct debits, as well as solutions that are extremely popular in certain countries (Bancontact in Belgium, iDEAL in the Netherlands, and Giropay in Germany, to name but a few).

Recurring payments

With Mollie, you can effortlessly collect recurring payments. This solution is perfect if you offer subscriptions to your customers. You can customize payment collection to suit your needs (weekly, monthly, annually...) and choose the amounts deducted.

After the first payment, you're ready to collect payments on a recurring basis: bank details are provided by the customer only once.


Why Anytime trusts Mollie for your e-commerce needs

Anytime is dedicated to simplifying the lives of entrepreneurs by offering them a range of services to improve their daily lives. By teaming up with Mollie, we offer you a complete solution that will improve your customer satisfaction and conversion rate.

1. Immediate payments

You can receive payments from your customers in just a few minutes, and manage them from a single interface.

2. Boost your international growth

Expand your horizons! Mollie gives you the opportunity to expand internationally. Receive payments in all kinds of currencies. You can choose to target different regions of the world according to your business strategy. Mollie offers you the most widely used payment methods in different countries.

For example, if you want to expand into the Netherlands, Mollie's home country, you need to bear in mind that the preferred payment solution there is iDeal. Germans, on the other hand, prefer bank transfers via the Sofort solution. Habits vary from country to country, and Mollie enables you to adapt to each situation by offering the right payment method.

3. Save administrative time: a single contract for a multitude of payment solutions!

With a single contract, Mollie offers you a multitude of payment methods. No need to contact each payment operator separately, Mollie saves you precious time by integrating different payment solutions on a single payment platform.

4. Easy integration and customization of your payment page

How can we get users to complete their purchase? To reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment at checkout, it's essential to offer an optimized checkout page. This will increase your revenues. Mollie enables you to give your customers the confidence to confirm their purchase by designing a payment page in line with your visual identity and image.

5. Satisfy your customers with a choice of payment methods

To avoid losing customers and increase your conversion rate, Mollie offers you the most popular payment methods. This way, you cover the most popular payment methods to ensure that customers complete their purchase.

6. Mollie, guaranteeing your safety

As a payment service provider, Mollie complies with strict security requirements and is committed to ensuring that online payments made by buyers reach the merchant securely.

7. Attractive rates

No entry fee, no subscription, just direct access to all the features Mollie has to offer. You only pay for successful transactions.

You'll have to pay a fixed amount and/or a variable percentage per transaction.

For credit card payments, the fee is €0.25 per transaction plus a commission that varies according to the type of card.

For SEPA direct debits and credit transfers, a fixed charge of €0.25 per transaction applies.

Finally, other payment methods are also billed via transaction fees, which vary according to the payment solution used and the country where the purchase is made.


How do I install Mollie on my site?

How to link Mollie to your payment platform depends on the system you use.

In all cases, you'll need an API key. You can find this key on the Mollie website in your account once your website has been approved.


Benefit today from the expertise of Mollie x Anytime

How do I find out what our partner Mollie has to offer? It's very simple: just register on the payment platform's website to discover the solution for free.

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