Which bank should you choose for your association: a traditional bank, an online bank or an online business account?

For several years now, online banks and financial institutions have been attracting more and more individuals and professionals. An association can also choose one of these alternative banking solutions to traditional banks. Find out here about the strengths and weaknesses of each of these options.

Traditional banks: a range of products and services for associations

Universal services

Traditional banks generally offer associations formulas identical to those for business accounts. They all offer more or less the same basic services, i.e. a corporate bank card, a business IBAN, a checkbook and Internet access for remote consultation of business accounts. Beyond this basic service, they frequently offer additional services such as :

  • overdraft authorization
  • contactless payment
  • rental of payment terminals
  • online management of association bank accounts with the possibility of carrying out certain operations
  • additional or international bank cards
  • international transfers, etc.

Note that a traditional business bank can also grant you a loan. Some institutions also offer insurance for associations.

The advantages of a traditional pro bank

The traditional pro bank is the one you have around the corner, where you can go if you have any questions or need to carry out an operation. The association bank account is monitored by an advisor with whom you have physical contact. This long-term relationship with a professional accustomed to managing companies and associations can be comfortable.

However, you need to bear in mind that advisors are often overloaded, and it can take several weeks to get an appointment. For an association whose board (president, secretary, treasurer) is re-elected every year, the changes to be made with the bank are regular. The obligation to carry out these formalities by appointment can therefore prove time-consuming. What's more, in some professional banks, advisors regularly change jobs or branches, which means that the relationship has to be restarted each time. Finally, branch opening hours can be an obstacle to scheduling an appointment.

In addition to physical contact, the second major advantage of a traditional bank for managing an association is the possibility of depositing cash and cheques, which can be rapidly processed. This is not always possible with online pro banks and financial institutions, or requires a longer lead time.

In short: traditional banking offers many services and a physical relationship that is essential for some people. Nevertheless, bank charges are often high and pricing conditions not very transparent. What's more, it can take a long time to get an appointment, which can complicate certain operations.

Online banking, an attractive solution for associations

A variable range of services

Online banks don't generally have specific offers for associations. However, as with a traditional bank, you canopt for a classic account or an association bank account. In both cases, the services offered are very different from one bank to another. Some banks impose income requirements to open an association bank account. This can be an obstacle if you have no idea of your association's future income.

When it comes to means of payment, the offer is just as varied. Obtaining one or more bank cards is not subject to the same conditions. Some banks offer the first card free of charge, and only charge for additional cards. Others offer free cards, subject to a certain number of monthly uses or a certain amount of deposits on the association bank account. For transfers, some banks charge a fixed fee, others a commission. Finally, it is generally possible to obtain a checkbook. However, postage costs are sometimes charged to the customer.

Like traditional banks, online banks often have very detailed pricing conditions that are not very transparent for associations. Basic rates are generally attractive, but with certain fees subject to conditions, surprises can occur and quickly inflate the bill for banking fees on your association bank account.

24/7 online services

The No. 1 advantage of online banking is undoubtedly its 24/7 accessibility. From a secure online space, you can carry out all day-to-day transactions without incurring any management fees. You can obtain statements or order a checkbook online, at any time.

In short: online banking generally offers the same services as traditional banking, but is always accessible. However, you don't always have access to a dedicated advisor, which can lead to problems when managing your bank account... In addition, pricing conditions are often not very transparent.


Compte pro en ligne, the efficiency of new technologies for associations

Innovative services

Online pro accounts (sometimes called neobanks) offer totally innovative solutions for associations. In addition to a bank card and RIB, an association that opens an association bank account with a neobank benefits from a host of additional services designed to facilitate the day-to-day management of its association. 100% online, the association bank account can be managed via the Internet or, even simpler, via a dedicated mobile application. All operations can be carried out in just a few clicks, in just a few minutes and free of charge. Professional accounts also generally feature real-time notifications for all expenses, and sometimes also offer tools for easily generating quotes or invoices, or for automating accounting. Last but not least, these pro accounts often offer practical additional services! At Anytime, for example, a payment terminal is included with every package!

Simple operation and cost savings

Online business accounts, like Anytime, have the advantage of transparent pricing. TheStart offer includes all the services you need in a single package at €9.50/month: association business account for your association, online services, Mastercard bank card, virtual cards and more. For additional charges, the pricing conditions can be summed up in just a few lines.

Remote management from a cell phone is also a real advantage. Your association can associate a receipt with each payment in just a few clicks. Your association's bank account is monitored in real time, and the account manager is notified of every transaction. Responsive customer service is at your disposal, as is a comprehensive FAQ available on the site 24 hours a day. What's more, depending on the package you choose, with Anytime you have the option of being monitored by a dedicated advisor who can be contacted by telephone and who is well acquainted with the associative world, since Anytime already has numerous associations as customers, such as the Apprentis d'Auteuil and the Red Cross.

In a nutshell: the pro account offers associations a simple, reliable online account solution, at an affordable price. President, treasurer, secretary - everyone can access the data that interests them. Note, however, that it is not possible to obtain a checkbook. Likewise, overdrafts are not possible, since pro accounts, as financial institutions, are not credit institutions.

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