[Interview] Dimitri Farber, Co-founder of Tiller Systems: the digital tool for retailers and restaurateurs 🍝

Dimitri Farber is co-founder of Tiller Systems, a scale-up that supports over 9,000 restaurateurs and retailers across Europe. 🗺

Entrepreneurship in the skin 🧬


Inspired by his father, who had set up a number of real estate businesses, Dimitri has always had an entrepreneurial streak, which began at an early age. 💥

"Even before I graduated, I knew I wanted to go into entrepreneurship, whatever the project!"

After growing up in southern Spain, Dimitri Farber arrived in Paris for his studies, during which he co-founded Tiller with his two long-standing associates: Josef Bovet and Scott Gordon.


The appearance of Tiller Systems ✨


"Tiller was born of a simple observation: retailers, and independent restaurateurs in particular, don't necessarily have the tools and solutions to make the most of the technological innovations coming onto the market. Reservations, takeaway sales, payment, ordering and management...all these new solutions are now part of the retail landscape."

Tiller started out as a cash register before evolving into a comprehensive digital solution to support shopkeepers and restaurateurs in the day-to-day running of their establishments, enabling them to stay focused on their passion. 💯


The impact of covid 🦠


The year 2020 has been a challenging time for contractors, as it has been for the Tiller team. They had to adapt and quickly find solutions to overcome this.

"Technological solutions are now central to a restaurateur's daily routine. Covid has reinforced this trend, making the market dependent on takeaway or delivery solutions, but this is also part of a long-term logic."

We had to stay very close to our customers and accompany them, as far as possible, during this unique and historic moment.

"We have adapted our commercial and innovation efforts to offer them new solutions that respond to this new global momentum."


What are the prospects for Tiller? 🚀


Tiller was recently acquired by Sum Up, and the objectives of this sale are many:

"First of all, it'simportant that all the teams remain at the helm, to ensure that we continue to guarantee quality service and a product that improves every day. Secondly, this new strategic partnership will enable us to strengthen our sales and support teams throughout our markets (France, Spain & Italy), as well as accelerate our international expansion over the coming months. Finally, we'll have many more resources to continue improving our product and solutions."

We wish the Tiller Systems team, including Dimitri, and all their customers all the best for the future 😉

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