Practical and simple: the Anytime offer for VTC professionals


From €9.50 per month to €249 per month (based on annual payment).

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  • Quick and easy to open a business account online
  • 3 Mastercard cards at no extra cost (up to 20 cards depending on the offer chosen)
  • Possibility of taking out professional liability insurance
  • Manage your accounting and billing
  • Order a payment terminal
  • Take advantage of a card to manage your fuel costs and those of your employees

To begin with, our team has outlined the training and authorization procedures you'll need to follow to enter the profession. Now, here are a few tips and benefits to help you get off to a good start in your business, or even to simplify your daily life as a VTC professional.


Make your daily life easier as a VTC professional

Our 100% digital service lets you open a business account quickly and easily. Your accounting is directly integrated into your Personal Space.


Opening a bank account dedicated to your business

Indeed, opening a bank account dedicated to your self-employed business or company is an essential step. With Anytime, you can have both a business and a personal account. Our offer allows you to differentiate between your personal and business expenses. To avoid excessive bank charges, we offer you a simple and affordable solution. After just a few minutes, your registration is complete. Your account will be created as soon as possible. You'll receive your business and personal cards just a few days after registration.

We understand that, as a self-employed driver or manager, it's important to make it easy for you to manage your expenses. That's why we offer you the possibility of holding three (or more) Mastercard cards at no extra cost, depending on your requirements. This is a real plus for all VTC professionals.


Manage your accounting via your Personal Space

Our freelance and self-employed customers emphasize the simplicity and speed of our system. How does this work in practice? Thanks to our application, you can directly access your transactions, card feeds or transfers in just a few clicks and seconds.

Likewise, accounting is an essential part of your business. We offer a number of accounting services and partnerships to our contractors that will make life easier for you and your associates. Your professional practice requires fast, simple access to your transactions at all times. This immediacy is intensified by our PREMIUM service. We offer you the opportunity to contact us for fast, accurate help with any questions you may have about your VTC business.


Taking out professional liability insurance

Being a VTC driver involves risks not only for you, but also for your customers and other road users. That's why it's now compulsory to take out professional insurance.

Our professional liability insurance covers material damage to the vehicle, as well as damage to the people on board. It's essential to protect not only your work tool, but also your customers. That's why our insurance includes worldwide coverage:

  • Up to 1.5 million euros for claims-related damage
  • Up to €50,000 in legal fees
  • Damage caused by the company's services
  • Damage to third parties, customers or employees in the course of business
  • Additional coverage: damage suffered by the insured in addition to the consequences for third parties
  • Up to €50,000 for legal defense services
  • **No deductible


Our partnerships: fast and easy to use

Anytime offers you the opportunity to order a payment terminal to pay your customers by credit card. We're constantly striving to simplify your user experience and support you in your VTC business. That's why we've developed a fuel card in partnership with Essence&Co. We've also integrated billing software into our system, saving you considerable time.


Smile&Pay lets you pay your customers by credit card


219€ instead of ~~299€~~


  • Online registration takes just 10 minutes, and you receive your terminal within 48 hours.
  • Cash receipts are updated in real time and transferred to your account within D+2.
  • All offers are non-binding, with no fixed charges or subscriptions.
  • The terminal enables ticket printing

Cashing your customers is an essential part of your VTC business. Whether you're a driver or a company manager in this sector, we offer you an easy and practical payment terminal. Having a payment terminal is essential for cashing up with customers who don't usually have cash. Our partner Smile&Pay allows you to accept the card and keep smiling, thanks to its offer perfectly adapted to all business profiles.

The payment terminal accepts all French and foreign CB, Visa and Mastercard bankcards, as well as contactless payment. Apple Pay is also available. It is totally secure and its battery gives it an autonomy of over 300 payments.


Discover the Essence&Co by Anytime fuel card

We are pleased to present our new fuel card in partnership with the Essence&Co application! This new feature will enable you to manage your fuel costs and simplify your expense reports. You can precisely monitor the fuel consumption of your vehicle(s). This makes expense management easier for employees and employers alike. From your Anytime Personal Space, you can define a budget and a spending limit, generate single-use virtual cards for your employees, and even refuse or accept payment requests.


Billing software directly integrated into our system

Likewise, for ease of use, we provide proof of expenses incurred for each transaction, and automatically enter VAT amounts to facilitate your accounting. These expenses can be integrated directly into your invoicing software. In this respect, we invite you to consult our top 10 invoicing software packages for entrepreneurs. To save you time and win your customers' trust, Anytime offers you an invoicing tool that provides an ultra-complete solution directly integrated with our services.


Anytime, an offer tailored to VTC professionals

Whether you're self-employed, a driver or a manager in the VTC sector, Anytime offers you an online bank account to suit your business needs.

Discover our different offers tailored to your business


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