Meet our customers : Kevin, insurance broker


"I chose Anytime for all the services on offer as well as for the transparency of costs. I keep track of my accounts easily while benefiting from simplified accounting."


Kevin Decaux, insurance broker: his background

After working in London for several years, Kevin moved to Paris to take up international positions with insurance companies.

"I thought it would be easier to work as a broker to combine the commercial and the technical."

Having specialized in risk management for many years, he now wishes to combine the technical side of risk management with the commercial side of selling insurance products. His experience enables him to truly understand his customers' needs and the risks to which they are exposed, in order to best assist them as a broker. He set up his own company, Decaux Assurances.


Kevin's online account

Unlike a traditional bank, Anytime gives Kevin real visibility over his costs. The rates are clear and inexpensive for all the services offered.

"I'm familiar with traditional banks and didn't want to turn to them for my business account: making branch appointments is time-consuming, contacting your advisor is complicated... It's also difficult to understand the banks' fees. Not everything is as clear and transparent as with a neobank like Anytime."

Kevin is well aware of the advantages offered by a neobank. The absence of physical appointments, responsive customer service and a simple, intuitive interface on his smartphone convinced him to turn to Anytime.

Support in setting up your company

"Other neobanks or online financial institutions didn't cover the broker activity. So I asked around and discovered Anytime. I immediately contacted the team, in order to open my professional account."

Leaving his salaried job to create Decaux Assurances, Kevin needed to set up his company and register his capital. Anytime helped him with the process. The team was always ready to listen.

"What I really like about Anytime is the customer service. The advisors are competent and pleasant, and if they're not immediately available, you get a call back very quickly."

In fact, if you don't want to wait for an advisor to become available, Anytime can call you back automatically as soon as one of our agents becomes available. Kevin doesn't have to go out of his way to make an appointment.


Better control of expenses

Kevin is looking for autonomy to better manage his finances. Thanks to Anytime, he can easily monitor his accounts in real time.

"I really appreciate receiving an SMS from Anytime to notify me of an upcoming direct debit. It helps me a lot with my accounting. For business monitoring, I find it very practical."

When he uses his business card, he appreciates the fact that everything is instantaneous. He's informed of all expenses directly.

"A few days ago, I had dinner with a customer. When I made my payment, I received direct notification of the transaction via SMS. I then took a photo of my ticket, which was directly linked to the transaction. It's really handy for bookkeeping."

Easy accounting

Kevin also chose Anytime because he wanted to do his own bookkeeping, without going to a certified accountant.

"When you're just starting out in entrepreneurship, you're not necessarily good at bookkeeping, so a *little help is welcome. With Anytime, I can easily manage my accounting, categorize my expenses and create quotes or invoices."

Insurance to protect your business

We asked Kevin what he thought of Anytime's professional liability insurance. In his opinion, even if it's not compulsory for all professions, it's a welcome protection in case of problems.

"Insurance can be a good lever for covering or protecting yourself. You really have to assess the risk, what it can cover, know your coverage and really understand the exclusions in each insurance contract. "

100% digital: the future of insurance

Kevin is convinced that customers are looking for a digital experience in many areas, and the insurance world is no exception.

"In the brokerage business, contracts are made digitally with digital signatures. You don't have to print out documents anymore, everything can be done digitally. If you have a question you can always call, meet the insurance company or your broker."

The same goes for Anytime. Kevin benefits froma 100% digital service: he can manage his account with complete peace of mind. If necessary, Customer Service is available to answer his questions.

"I'm able to keep track of my accounts in real time and in a really simplified way. I do my own bookkeeping, I digitalize my expense reports: I can manage almost everything on my own. I realized that I didn't necessarily need the services of a traditional bank, as I never go to a branch."

Kevin's advice on getting started in entrepreneurship

Kevin gave us a few keys if you want to start your own company.

  • Surround yourself with recognized experts in their respective fields, to limit mistakes.
  • Be humble and listen to the advice of your peers to progress more quickly
  • Developing and maintaining your network
  • Be methodical, work tirelessly and keep your commitments.
  • Finally, the most important thing is to be a good listener, showing empathy and emotional intelligence towards your customers, suppliers and colleagues.

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