Manage your expenses expenses

Capped Mastercard cards with employee rights management. Real-time control of your expenses with simplified accounting integration.


Keep control of your teams' business expenses

Give your employees full or partial autonomy.

Define a ceiling per employee and control expenses with associated receipts.

Ask the employee to justify the expense, then authorize him or her to spend.


A Mastercard for every employee

Issue a physical Mastercard to employees who frequently incur business expenses

Issue a single-use virtual Mastercard for professional expenses that you control before the purchase and that can be paid over the web (plane or train tickets, hotels, Nespresso capsules, etc.).

Manage your recurring subscriptions with recurring-use virtual cards.

Proof of expenditure

No more unjustified business expenses! Expenses are nominative. You always know who spent what and when. After each transaction, simply open the Anytime application and add the photo of the invoice associated with the transaction.

Automatic VAT

The VAT shown on invoices is extracted from your receipts and automatically added to the transaction, facilitating your staff's work.

Automatic categorization

Professional expenses are attached to merchant categories and you can classify your pro expenses into :

Project (website redesign, offer launch...)

Department (Marketing, HR, General Services...)


Adjust your budget in real time

When you log on to Anytime, you get a real-time view of expenses and can adjust your employees' budgets up or down, all in real time.

Set spending limits

For each employee, you define a budget that he or she is authorized to spend on a monthly, daily or project basis. You keep control of your team's business expenses, and there are no nasty surprises about overspending. You can also block cash withdrawals.

Accept or reject expense claims

If you want to keep total control over your business expenses, you can require your employees to ask you for authorization to make an expenditure. By default, set their card limits to zero. Depending on the amount of the expense, you can always adjust their card limit.


You can finally throw away your paper receipts

Anytime provides an archiving solution with probative value. It enables you to keep an electronic copy of a paper document. Legally, the electronic document has the same value as the paper document. In the event of an URSSAF or tax audit, documents with probative value have the same legal value as original documents. Article 16 of the rectifying finance law of December 29, 2016 (law no. 2016-1918 of December 29, 2016) authorizes companies to keep their expense report receipts on electronic media.

Receipt reminder

Your employees are reminded until they add a receipt to the transaction. Simply take a photo of the receipt and add it to the application, or reply to the email sent by Anytime.


Expense report software

Anytime has developed a powerful, functional, comprehensive (IK management) and ergonomic expense management software package, which is supplied with Anytime Mastercard cards.

Access rights

For each employee, you define a budget that he or she is authorized to spend on a monthly, daily or project basis. This way, you can keep control of spending and avoid unpleasant surprises when expenses are exceeded. You can also block cash withdrawals.

Accounting software interconnection

The Anytime solution interfaces easily with market software, automatically importing transactions into the software.

Customized accounting export

Anytime offers tailor-made accounting exports and adapts its data to meet the needs of CFOs.

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