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Demand more than just a bank account:
Benefit from cutting-edge financial solutions for sustainable business development

Control your expenses in real time.

All your company's expenses are consolidated in a single solution for optimum control. You receive real-time notifications. You can instantly monitor all operations from your Customer Area, thus avoiding potential internal or external fraud?

Digitalize your expense claim processes.

Expense management is a real burden for companies. With Anytime, it's child's play! Your employees take a photo of their receipt and upload it directly via the application. It will then be attached to the corresponding transaction. Take it a step further and opt for certified dematerialization of expense claims. No more misplaced receipts! ✨

Free international transactions.

Your business should know no boundaries! ✈️ At Anytime, we understand this. That's why payment with your Mastercard within the euro zone is free! And to take things a step further, payment outside the euro zone is also free of charge, in over 150 currencies. Say goodbye to hidden charges?

Virtual cards to control your supplier payments.

Create a recurring virtual card dedicated to each subscription. This allows you to track, pause or delete cards as you wish, at any time, but also to assign each virtual card a maximum monthly budget that the supplier can debit.

Make bulk transfers.

Make up to 100 transfers in a single dispatch with Anytime! To pay your suppliers or employees, simply create a transfer order file in XML or CMV format, and save a considerable amount of time!

Expert customer service.

Today, it's important for a company to quickly find the right information to answer the questions it has. With Anytime, you can be sure of having an expert advisor, available via a dedicated phone line, to support you on a daily basis?

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How do you set up your business?

Anytime supports you from the drafting of the articles of association to the certificate of capital deposit.
Two scenarios, one 100% online process.


You already have your articles of association


You must draw up your articles of association and complete the rest of the formalities.

Frequently asked questions

What status for a startup?
✅ We recommend that you choose SAS status for the following reasons:

o There is no limit on the number of partners (2 minimum), and you can easily add or remove partners.
o The amount of share capital is free, with no minimum ceiling.
o Share capital can be made up of different classes of shares, with different rights.
o A president is automatically appointed when the company is set up, then you are free to organize the management, with a board of directors, general managers, etc.
o Your liability is incurred solely on your contributions.
o The various statutes of the organization can be freely set by the associates.

🛑 We do not recommend the following statutes:

The sole proprietorship status, as you cannot have partners and you are committed to all your personal assets.
-SARL status:
o You are limited to 100 associates, which may pose problems in the longer or shorter term.
o Share capital is divided into company shares, with no possibility of choosing different categories of shares.
o You are obliged to appoint a manager, and cannot choose any other form of control.
o Procedures for capital increases or transfers of company shares are rigid (registered mail, meetings of all associates and votes).
What payment methods do you need?
Anytime offers you a wide range of payment methods to help you develop your business in the best possible way ✨

It's important to define the spectrum of payment methods you'll need.
Many ad campaign purchases on Facebook or Google? Virtual cards are a solution for you ✅ (link to virtual card)
Are all your payments made by bank transfer? Choose the appropriate offer so you're not limited 🚀 (link to rates)
All your employees need to have a card on which you can control spending. Choose the appropriate offer so you can provide your team with the right number of cards 🤝 (link to rates)
What means of collection do you need?

Anytime offers you a wide range of payment solutions to help you develop your business to the full ✨
Need to cash your customers via a payment terminal? We're the only online pro account that offers you an EFTPOS terminal for every account opening!
Discover our solutions here 🔥

What solutions are available to make life easier for your startup?

Making life easier for entrepreneurs is one of our priorities at Anytime! That's why we offer a wide range of solutions to help you manage your business more effectively ✨

Unpaid invoices that you just don't have the time to deal with? Discover our collection solution. (Link to Gcollect fact sheet)

Need help financing purchases from your suppliers? Discover our solution. (Link to red fox finance datasheet)

👉 To find out more about our support solutions, click here.

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