Qonto VS Anytime: which pro account should you choose?

Today, more and more professionals are choosing an online bank for their business accounts. Business owners are being tempted by this alternative to the traditional physical bank, looking for time-saving and services that meet their needs. Through simple, ergonomic applications specially designed for them, customers can benefit from cost-effective offers for simple, efficient management of their account and bank card, as well as their expense reports and payment terminal receipts.

In this article, we will compare the offers and services provided by Qonto and Anytime.

Introducing Qonto online banking for professionals

The neobank Qonto was launched in 2016. It offers business accounts to companies registered in France (SA, SAS, SASU, SARL, SC & SCI, EURL, liberal professions, micro-enterprises). As with Anytime, you get a package including a French IBAN, a bank card and additional financial services: payment terminal, capital deposit, cheque cashing...

Qonto rates in detail

The Qonto online pro account is made up of 4 distinct offers, ranging from €9 to €299 ex VAT per month.

On the Qonto website, micro-entrepreneurs are invited to choose the Solo offer, while the more expensive Standard, Premium or Corporate offers are aimed more at businesses.

The 4 offers

  Carte One Card more
Solo 9 excl. VAT per month or €108 excl. VAT per year 15 per month or €180 per year excluding VAT
Standard 29 per month or €348 per year excluding VAT 35 per month or €420 per year excluding VAT
Premium 99 excl. tax per month or €1,188 excl. tax per year 105 per month or €1,260 per year, excluding VAT
Corporate 299 per month or €3,588 per year excluding VAT 305 per month or €3,660 per year excluding VAT

Comparison of rates for a Qonto business account with the Anytime business account

  Anytime Qonto
  Anytime Qonto
Accepted legal forms SA, SAS, SASU, SARL, EURL, EI(RL), SCI, Professions, Associations and Auto-entrepreneur in natural and legal person. Find out more here. All types of companies and self-employed
Offer name Start Solo One
Monthly package 9.50 INCL. VAT 9 € INCL. VAT
Personal account option Yes No
Movement commissions 0€ 0€
Bulk transfers Yes Yes
SEPA transfer included 100 60
Credit or overdraft authorisation Under certain conditions  No
Bank card type MasterCard MasterCard
Card settings (blocking, limits, etc.) Yes Yes
Number of cards included in the package 1 1
Number of virtual bank cards included in the package 50 0
Cheque cashing included in offer No No
Card payment fees abroad 0% 2%
Foreign currency withdrawals 2 per withdrawal 1 per withdrawal + 2% per payment
Card payment in euros Unlimited and free of charge Unlimited and free of charge
International SWIFT transfers Unlimited and free of charge 5 per transfer + 0.9% on outgoing transfers
Payment terminal Free! 🎁 iZettle €19 + 1.75% per transaction
Stand-alone payment terminal Yes with Smile & Pay No
Payment button and payment link Yes No
Capital deposit Yes (+69€) Yes (+69€)
Real-time notifications Yes Yes
Dashboard, invoice printing and accounting software Yes No
Unlimited statement downloads Yes Yes
Factoring Yes optional Yes with Edebex
Financing your purchase orders Yes optional No


Opening a pro account online with Qonto or Anytime: a similar procedure for companies and the self-employed

Forget tedious account opening procedures: when you open an account with a neobank, whether Anytime or Qonto, you get your RIB in just ten minutes. All the steps are taken online, and your account is quickly validated.

The advantages of opening an online account with Anytime

The basic package of the Anytime pro account, the Start package, includes :

- A business account with an IBAN in FR or BE

- A personal account with an IBAN in FR or BE

- 1 free Mastercard

- 50 single-use virtual cards

You'll also benefit from an ever-expanding range of services to support you in your business life: capital deposit with payment of fees when you obtain your Kbis, expense account management, factoring, invoicing software, payment terminals... Services that are constantly evolving to best meet your needs as an entrepreneur.

You can change your package at any time as your business evolves: we support you throughout your professional life, and have the services you need as you grow.

Several cards for several uses

At Anytime, you can choose from a multitude of cards depending on the offer you choose, at no extra cost!

- From 1 to 20 cards for recurring use. Plastic or virtual, your choice.

- 50 to 1,000 single-use virtual cards to secure your online purchases.

- No additional charges on your foreign transactions, in euros!

- Card limits adapted to your needs, depending on your choice of card

Anytime, a preferred partner for associations

While the Qonto pro account does not accept associations, the Anytime pro account accepts all associations. It's an economical, easy-to-use account for managing your association.

A personal account

You can take advantage of our services to manage both your business finances and your personal and family expenses. You have two accounts in a single package to manage all aspects of your daily life.

Personalized follow-up

You also have access to a team of advisors who respond quickly! So you get personalized follow-up.

With Easy, Boost, Business or Corporate offers, you can also reach us by phone whenever you like.

How do I open an Anytime pro account?

To guarantee your security and prevent identity theft, we carry out a video identity check.

All you need to open an account with Anytime is your ID.

You'll receive your RIB within ten minutes. The account is then validated within 48 hours.

Open a business account today and opt for a fast, simple and innovative solution.

Take a look at our comparison of neobanks and our comparison of professional banks.

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