Comparative neobank pro 2020. Pro online neobank comparison and pro neobank comparison. How to choose the right neobank account for professionals

More and more neo-bank pro offers are appearing, each with more attractive rates than the last. But should you choose with your eyes closed? Certainly not! Here's a comparison of the different offers available on the net, after which it's up to you to make your choice!

Comparison in January 2020

Comparison of neobanks for professionals

  Anytime Qonto Boursorama N26 ibanFirst Monabanq Revolut  
  Anytime Qonto Boursorama N26 iBanFirst Monabanq Revolut  
Accepted legal forms All types of companies, associations and freelancers All types of company Micro and sole proprietorships Micro-businesses and the self-employed All types of company Self-employed contractor Micro-businesses and the self-employed  
Monthly package From €9.50 From €9 From €9 Free From €14.90 From €7 From €0  
Offer name Solo Solo Boursorama Pro N26 Business - - Standard  
Number of Mastercard cards included in package 3 1 1 1 No card available 1 (Paying, €12/year) 1 (Pay version, €5.99)  
Number of virtual cards included in package 50 0 0 0 Unlimited 0 20  
Additional cards Unlimited
(Corporate package at €249/month)
(Corporate package at €299/month)
No No No No Yes
Capital deposit Yes Yes No No Yes No No  
Card payments in foreign currencies 0 per transaction 2% per transaction 1.94% per transaction 0 per transaction Paying - NC 2% per transaction 0 per transaction  
ATM withdrawal 1.50 per withdrawal 1 per withdrawal Free 5 free withdrawals, then €2 per withdrawal No Free 2%  
Card payment limit 30,000 per month (with a limit of €5,000 per day) 20,000 per card over a rolling 30-day period 3,000 over a rolling 30-day period 20,000 per month 20,000 per card Up to €2,500 over 30 sliding days 30,000 per year  
ATM withdrawal limit 5,000 per month 1,000 per card over a rolling 30-day period 920 over 7 rolling days 2,500 per day No withdrawal possible Up to €600 per week 100,000 per year  
Incoming and outgoing transfers in Euro Included Included Included Included 0.50 per outgoing transfer Included 5 free, then €0.20 per incoming & outgoing transfer  
Outgoing transfers in foreign currencies From 0.70% + €2.50 per transfer 1% by bank transfer 0.1% (minimum transfer of €20) 0.50% on average (€2 minimum for amounts under €400) From €5 to €24 per transfer 0.10% of amount issued 3 per transfer  
Incoming transfers in foreign currencies No 5 per transfer + fixed charges) 0.1% per transfer (minimum transfer €20) 0.50% on average (€2 minimum for amounts under €400) No 0.10% of amount issued 3 per transfer  
Payment button and payment link 3,8% No No No No No No  
Mobile payment terminal Sumup €19 + 1.5% per transaction iZettle €19 + 1.75% per transaction iZettle €19 + 1.75% per transaction No No No No  
Cash terminal with receipt printing Smile and Pay €249 + 1.75% per transaction No No No No No No  
Dashboard, invoice printing and accounting software 9.50/month or free with 'Enterprise' offer No No No No No No  
Checkbook No No On request No No On request No  
Cheque cashing 10 per month (with Enterprise offer) 10 per month (with Enterprise offer) Yes No No Yes No  
Cash deposit No No Yes No No Yes No  
IBAN French or Belgian IBAN French IBAN French IBAN German IBAN NC French IBAN British IBAN  


The Anytime pro account in a nutshell

The Anytime pro account is a complete pro account offering that meets the needs of most professionals, businesses and self-employed individuals. Anytime is the only pro neobank to offer a personal account at no extra cost, to help you juggle your business and personal expenses. Indeed, it's generally more convenient to have both a business and a personal account with the same bank. Anytime's other major advantage, which sets it apart from its competitors, is its range of services (payment terminal, online collection, cash management, financing solution, integrated accounting and financial management, etc.).

The only drawback is the impossibility of cashing cash, which may be prohibitive for certain professionals who make most of their payments in this form. We do, however, appreciate the ability to cash cheques.

The Qonto pro account at a glance

Like Anytime's offer, that of the neobank Qonto is rather comprehensive. It does, however, appear to be suitable for smaller structures, given the lower ceilings. But the main difference between Anytime and Qonto is that Anytime offers payment links. If you need several Mastercard cards to manage your business and company expenses, the Anytime offer is more suitable, as it includes a minimum of 3 cards: with Qonto, you only have one card. You'll need to subscribe to the €29/month package to have 2 additional cards.

On the other hand, it was impossible to cash checks until 2019. Cashing cash is not possible, which can be an obstacle for many professionals.

The Boursorama pro account offer in a nutshell

With its pro offer, Boursorama Banque only targets micro-entrepreneurs and sole proprietorships, making it automatically inaccessible to many business start-ups and companies (SARL, SA, SAS, SASU...). Nonetheless, its offer seems well-suited to freelancers, with low fees and the possibility of obtaining a checkbook. Cash and check cashing is also a plus for craftsmen and retailers, who can pay a large proportion of their sales by these two means.

That said, if you intend to move to another status, you know in advance that your banking offer will not follow you.

The N26 pro account offer in a nutshell

At first glance, N26's offer seems more than interesting, with really attractive rates. However, this offer is only aimed at a small proportion of businesses, namely micro-businesses and freelancers who use their N26 account from time to time. In fact, N26 does not offer an IBAN in France, which makes life difficult for freelancers in France. As a 100% virtual offer, it cannot be used to cash cheques or pay taxes in France. What's more, it doesn't offer a cash terminal, even though the account is compatible with various solutions.

The IBanFirst pro account at a glance

IBanFirst has never offered physical Mastercard cards, which makes it difficult to compare their offering with that of other players. Without a physical card, it's impossible to pay for purchases in a store, or to pay a toll, for example. The IBanFirst offer therefore targets companies that need to make international money transfers and receive payments in multiple currencies. It targets companies of a relatively developed size, and only accepts customers with a significant volume of international transactions. IBanFirst is aimed at medium-sized companies.

The Monabanq Pro account in a nutshell

The Monabanq pro account is part of a comprehensive offer for individuals and professionals. Accessible only to micro-businesses, it does not allow VSEs and SMEs (SARL, SASU, SAS, SA...) to open an account. This offer allows you to collect payments by bank transfer and offers ceilings in line with your target profile. On the other hand, if you need to bill your customers remotely or own a payment terminal, we advise you to subscribe to Anytime or Qonto.

This account offers no prospect of evolution: if your company evolves towards the creation of a SARL, SA, SAS, etc., you will have to change bank at the same time as you change status.

The Revolut pro account in a nutshell

Revolut offers a free account for freelancers. However, there are many additional charges: for example, only 5 SEPA transfers are included in the offer. You'll have to pay €0.20 per incoming or outgoing transfer once the quota has been exceeded. On the other hand, obtaining a UK IBAN can sometimes make payment or collection procedures more difficult with certain entities, even more so since Brexit. For example, the UK IBAN is not authorized for debiting your RSI, URSAFF or IMPOTS contributions...

It's not easy to choose between traditional banks, online banks and neobanks. Be aware that neobanks often offer the most affordable and, above all, the most transparent rates. Before signing up with a bank, be sure to check the conditions for closing your account.

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