Compte Pro Banque Postale or Anytime: comparison of services and rates.

When the time comes to open a business account to manage your company's finances, it's only natural to compare business offers to find the one that suits you best. La Banque Postale is one of the leading traditional business banks on the market. However, Anytime offers a very competitive range of services for professionals. Here's the comparison between these two players, who offer products and services dedicated to businesses, professionals, freelancers and the self-employed.

La Banque Postale pro account, services and pricing

La Banque Postale has a unique offer for professionals: the Formule de Compte Pro. This is an all-in-one solution that brings together all the products and services designed for professionals. Reserved for professionals with annual sales of less than €1.5 million, this formula is flexible in certain respects.

What's included in the Banque Postale pro offer

As an all-in-one package, the Banque Postale pro account includes :

  • Professional current account with account management fees and transaction commissions up to a monthly debit of €10,000.
  • One chequebook and one account statement per month, with the option of choosing a different frequency
  • A business bank card: Visa Business (€3,000 limit) or Visa Gold Business (€8,000 limit).
  • Means of payment insurance with a partner including security for funds and means of payment, legal protection, temporary work incapacity cover and a virtual concierge service accessible by telephone at any time.
  • An Internet space giving access to the company's accounts and enabling it to carry out remote operations (transfers, printing of RIBs, ordering of cheque books, etc.). Two offers are available: LBP access 24 and LBP Net Entreprise. The former enables you to carry out more operations and manage a larger number of accounts.

Compare the rates of a Banque Postale pro account with the Anytime pro account.

The fee for the Banque Postale Pro Account is monthly. It is determined by the choice of business card and Internet access.

  LBP access 24 LBP Net Enterprise  
Visa Business 21€/month
252€ per year
348€ per year
Visa Gold Business 24.50/month
294€ per year
360€ per year

It is also possible to opt out of the full package and pay the premiums à la carte. In this case, the rates are as follows:

  • 49€ annual fee for the Visa Business card with immediate or deferred debit.
  • 130€ annual fee for the Visa Gold Business card with immediate or deferred debit.
  • 62.50 per year for payment card insurance.
  • 5.20 per month for LBP access 24, or €62.4 per year
  Anytime Banque Postale  
  Anytime Banque Postale  
Accepted legal forms SA, SAS, SASU, SARL, EURL, EI(RL), SCI, Professions, Associations and Auto-entrepreneur in natural and legal person. Find out more here. Micro-businesses, companies, liberal professions, associations  
Monthly package From €9.50 From €21 (LBP access 24)  
Movement commission No transaction fees From 0.05% Minimum €5/month  
Bank card prices 0/year 1 card included in offer From €49/year  
Virtual bank card prices 50 included in offer No  
Expense management module included with Easy No  
Dynamic management of card limits included in the offer No  
Payment terminal Offered by our partner On quotation after a personalized study  
Payment button 0.25 € + 3.8% per transaction VAD contract required  
Bank card type Mastercard Visa Business or Gold Business  
Remote banking package 0/year From €62.40/year  
Checkbook No Free  
Cheque cashing No Unlimited  
Credit or overdraft authorization Conditionally with our partner Yes  
Customer service Customer service by e-mail included. Advisor available by phone with Easy offer. Appointments by appointment  

You will also have to pay banking fees. To find out more, visit the Banque Postale prices page.

How do I open a business account with La Banque Postale?

You can open a business account with La Banque Postale either at a branch or by telephone, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. To open the account, you'll need to provide a number of supporting documents in their original version:

  • Proof of activity
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of registered office address

Anytime pro account services and rates

Aimed at professionals of all kinds, the Anytime pro offer is an all-in-one package comprising a range of services. Combined with a wide range of options, the neobank pro offer is totally customizable.

What's included in the Anytime pro package

The Anytime pro account Start package includes:

  • Business current account
  • A personal current account to better juggle your business and personal expenses
  • 1 Mastercard
  • 50 virtual Mastercards to pay online or remotely
  • A comprehensive management application that lets you carry out all your day-to-day transactions over the Internet or by phone (European and international transfers, transaction listing, card blocking, 24-hour card PIN access, etc.).
  • Free transfers and direct debits in euros
  • Real-time sales and alerts
  • A package of services that enables you to benefit from the many services offered by Anytime or its partners (expense management, payment terminal, cash management, etc.).

What's more, this online pro account lets you easily set up payment methods such as a payment link by email or SMS, a payment button for a website, or even order a payment terminal to collect from customers (supplied by SmileandPay and Sumup).

How do I open an Anytime pro account?

You can open an Anytime pro account entirely online, at any time. In just 5 to 10 minutes, after filling in the essential information and providing a photo of your ID, you'll be able to access your account and obtain a RIB. Within 48 hours your account will be activated (provided you have supplied all the requested documents listed below).

To meet legal requirements, the opening of a business account with a RIB FR (for direct debits and bank transfers) is subject to the need to provide :

  • A copy of a valid identity document
  • Proof of address less than 3 months old in your name
  • The first transfer to your Anytime account must be made from a European bank account in your name.

To send these documents, all you need is a photo taken with your smartphone, which saves precious time during the subscription process.

With much more attractive rates and an offer totally tailored to professionals, Anytime is an excellent alternative. Easy to use, the dedicated application lets you carry out all your operations at your fingertips, in just a few minutes. An extremely simple way to manage your company's accounts from anywhere, at any time.

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