The Anytime sub-account, your best ally for cash management!

Having trouble anticipating your tax and social security contributions, or saving for your business projects? Anytime now offers an innovative feature to help you: the sub-account.

This is a parallel account to your main account, allowing you toisolate money to help you manage your business expenses. You can set aside certain sums in anticipation of due dates (VAT, RSI, URSSAF, taxes, subcontracting, salaries, etc.) or if you need tosave for a specific project (purchase of equipment, etc.). This effective, easy-to-use tool will become your best ally in controlling your cash flow.


In concrete terms, how can I set up sub-accounts with Anytime?

  1. In the Accounts section, then Add a sub-account, click on VAT Account, Cash Account or"Other Sub-Account".
  2. On the Activate an option page, select Open one or more sub-accounts if you have not already done so.
  3. Briefly describe your request (number of sub-accounts, name of each sub-account ...) and click on Send.
  4. Your sub-account is created within 48 working hours (i.e. excluding weekends and public holidays). You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your sub-account is active.


Is the money blocked on the sub-account?

Don't worry, you can transfer money from your sub-account to your account at any time. And vice versa. Think of your sub-account as a business piggy bank where you can set aside money according to your objectives and expenses.



  • You avoid cash flow problems by anticipating your business expenses.
  • Say goodbye to late payment penalties by preparing the sums you need to be deducted from your business charges.
  • You save for specific projects to develop your business
  • Simplify your accounting by forecasting your expenses
  • Keep a clear overview of your finances, so you can easily manage your budget
  • You benefit from great flexibility: you can transfer sums from your sub-accounts to your main account at any time.



Solo offer 1
Premium offer 2
Premium+ offer 5
Professional offer 10
Corporate offer 20

If you'd like additional sub-accounts not included in your offer, that's perfectly possible! (€10/month per additional sub-account)


Infographic Anytime sub-accounts


Why will Anytime sub-accounts help you organize your finances?

Anytime has launched a feature that will become indispensable to your professional life: the sub-account. What is the purpose of a sub-account? It allows you to segment the money in your main account. You can deposit money into this "parallel" account in an instant. The amount deposited no longer appears on your bank account balance: it is isolated. You can, of course, transfer the amount of your choice to your account at any time in real time, or choose to have it debited directly from your account. All your isolated amounts are visible at a glance on your interface.

Anytime sub-accounts


Gain peace of mind

Have you ever been caught off guard when it came to paying your VAT? Realize you've miscalculated your cash flow? Or been short on a purchase of goods? With Anytime sub-accounts, you can easily avoid these situations by creating real business piggy banks.


Putting aside has never been so easy!

Segment the money in your main account for all your projects. You'll have peace of mind when it comes to forecasting your cash flow and tax & social security charges. Want to renovate your premises? Buy new equipment? By creating sub-accounts, you can set aside the sums you need, so you'll never again be caught unprepared when payment is due.


Simple and easy to use

Funding your sub-accounts couldn't be easier! Simply make an immediate transfer from your main account to fund it. On the day your contributions are due, a simple immediate transfer is all you need to free yourself from all your payments. You can also set up a direct debit directly from your sub-account!


Focus on the essentials

With sub-accounts, you can anticipate your expenses and get a clear view of your cash flow. You can easily calculate and monitor your company's profitability, taking into account the actual level of your expenses.


Anticipate your business expenses

Whether you're looking to fund your expenses, isolate your cash flow or set aside funds for one of your business projects, sub-accounts will help you in your day-to-day business life. The possibilities are endless!


An isolated treasury

Gain control and insight into your actual cash flow. By creating a dedicated sub-account and isolating this sum, you can identify cash flow problems easily. You know where you stand and where you're going.


Easily organize your external expenses

Do you buy goods on a regular basis? Do you often use subcontractors? Do you travel regularly? With sub-accounts, you can create funds for each of your company's external expenses. This way, you can plan for short-, medium- and long-term expenses and avoid being caught unprepared.


A reminder for your various business expenses

Don't be caught unprepared when it's time to pay your income tax, corporation tax, VAT or social security contributions: by setting up a sub-account specifically for this purpose, you can anticipate your expenses and avoid any penalties for late payment. You set aside a provision for your charges to be paid, and you can be debited directly from your sub-accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis.


Motivation to set aside for your professional projects

Anticipate your projects. Do you want to renovate your offices? Buy a new company car? Organize a Team Building with your team? Your sub-account can help you save as you go, so you can carry out all your important projects.


Get your money back when you need it

The Anytime teams wanted the sub-accounts to be easy to use and flexible.


Fully customizable sub-accounts

You create the sub-accounts you need! Of course, we offer you a number of options to guide you (cash sub-accounts, VAT, corporation tax, etc.), but these sub-accounts are your own: you can choose their name and their purpose. After all, who knows better than you what's best for your business?


Your money isn't tied up - it's flexible!

You can transfer money from your sub-accounts to your main account at any time. In the event of a problem, your isolated sums are always immediately accessible. Your sub-accounts isolate the sums you need without blocking them.


Direct debits from your sub-accounts

Provide organizations with the RIB of your sub-accounts to be directly debited from the sums you owe (taxes, URSSAF, etc.).


Easy to use, everything is straightforward

Your sub-accounts load instantly with your Anytime account. They're also linked to an IBAN, so you can receive a transfer from an external account if you need to. You can view the balance of your account and sub-accounts on the same page - everything is centralized.


How can I use Anytime sub-accounts to support my business?

You have one or more sub-accounts included in your Anytime package. But which one(s) should you choose? Here are the sub-accounts most popular with our customers:

  • Cash sub-account
  • VAT sub-account
  • URSSAF sub-account
  • RSI sub-account
  • IS sub-account

Of course, these are just suggestions. By activating it, you can specify the wording of your sub-account according to your objectives and projects.


Anytime helps you protect your cash flow and forecast your business expenses

The Anytime teams work every day to offer you additional services to help you in your life as an entrepreneur. Aware of the difficulty encountered by professionals in forecasting their expenses or having a good vision of their cash flow, Anytime wanted to give you a helping hand with a simple tool that will enable you to be more serene in your day-to-day budgeting.


How do I create a Sub-account?

  1. Go to your Customer Area 👤 , in the Account section

  2. Click on the desired sub-account (VAT, Treasury, Custom sub-account)

  3. Select the Account 💰 that will be linked to your future Sub-Account

  4. Select the desired function ✅ for your sub-account

  5. You can customize 🎨 the name and function of your sub-account

  6. Your sub-account is created within 48 hours ⏱ You will receive a confirmation email when your sub-account is active.

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