Top 9 expense management solutions

Opting for a mobile application for expense management is a sure-fire way of simplifying the task and saving time, especially when employees are on the move. But to do so, you need to choose the right solution. Here are the most popular applications, from the least comprehensive to the most advanced.


Criteria for choosing an expense management solution

When choosing an expense management solution, the focus is usually on price and number of functions. management solution. While these are important factors, they are far from the only ones to be taken into account. Others deserve just as much attention, starting with :

  • tool ergonomics,
  • flexible parameterization,
  • dematerialization of supporting documents with probative value (Urssaf and Fisc),
  • the ability to export entries to accounting software via flat file integration (CSV, Excel, e-mail, FTP or API)
  • compatibility with payroll software
  • or the option of exporting only the mission expenses to be included in the DSN.

1. Anytime

The Anytime online business account offers you a complete solution. In addition to the dedicated application that lets you manage everything at the flick of a finger, Anytime provides you with physical and virtual cards to enable your employees to pay their business expenses.

Referrers are notified of expenses in real time and can, if necessary, block or unblock a card, or change the card limit. Receipts are integrated into the application from photos taken with a smartphone, and all information can, of course, be transferred directly to accounting software.



On quotation only for additional cards up to 10 cards.
For the self-employed or small businesses, the "Compte pro au quotidien" packages from €9.50/month can also be very attractive. 

2. Onexpense

Onexpense is a French expense management application set up to take into account the various expense items incurred by employees, including mileage expenses. To operate, employees scan invoices and receipts from their smartphones. The application then breaks down the transactions according to VAT rate and type of expense.

Before being forwarded to the accounting department, the information is summarized. It can also be extracted in various file formats.

Onexpense expense management application

Cost: free application for up to 50 operations per month, then by quotation.

3. iZyFees

iZyFrais is a 100% digital French platform. Expense receipts are decoded by the iZyScan tool, then filed in your personal space. To validate the expense claim, the manager simply approves it from within the application. iZyFrais also facilitates the transfer of information to the accounting software.

Mobile application for expense reports - iZyfrais

Cost: 3 months free, then €9 per month for 12 to 15 scanned receipts.

4. N2F

N2F is a French application designed for international expense management. It operates in offline mode and can automatically convert 170 currencies according to a reference exchange rate. Configured for any type of expense, the application also features a Google Maps module to visualize distance traveled and calculate mileage costs. Finally, if the employee is in a hurry, he or she can simply record the expense and fill in the form later. The application then sends a reminder to avoid oversights.

N2F software

Cost: from €3 per month, depending on the type of company.

5. Evoliz

Evoliz is a complete invoicing software package. The associated application can photograph not only expense receipts, but also all other invoices. Documents are then classified using OCR(Optical Character Recognition) technology. The Evoliz application also performs automatic data processing, simplifying transfer to the accounting software. The application also benefits from an offline mode, making it usable at any time.

Evoliz Dashboard

Cost: free 30-day trial, then €24.90 per month with no additional options.

6. Jenji

Jenji is a French platform for real-time expense management. This comprehensive application enables efficient management of employee expenses. It relies on artificial intelligence to process the various documents, but also to offer services such as financial optimization. Suitable for all profiles, the Jenji application offers different versions, including one designed for accountants. In particular, it enables them to use OCR to facilitate invoice processing.

The Jenji management platform

Cost: - "Plan Solo" package: free. - Team Plan": €5 per month per active user. - Company Plan": on quotation.

7. Expensify

This application from across the Atlantic doesn't just manage expense receipts. It also offers other functions such as flight notifications, boarding delays and GPS tracking, which must be activated to calculate mileage expenses. This solution has been designed to adapt to all activities, so it can be customized to highlight your company's most recurring expense items.

Expensify Dashboard

Cost: - Individual: free. - Team: €4.50 per month per user. - Corporate: €8/user/month.

8. Rydoo

Rydoo, formerly Xpenditure, is a Belgian expense management application. Comprehensive and easy to use, it can spot duplicates and warns you when you take the same receipt in photo twice. Rydoo enables managers to validate expenses in real time, or to manage expenses on a large scale by setting up subsidiaries and branches abroad. Data and reports can be directly exported in a variety of formats, and transferred to all major accounting packages.

Rydoo business travel and expense management

Cost: - Team: €6 per active user/month with an annual subscription. - Growth: €8/active user/month with annual subscription. - Companies: on quotation.

9. Concur

Concur is a U.S.-based application integrated with SAP, a complete solution used mainly by large groups and SMEs with over 700 employees. As with other applications, employees can photograph receipts using their smartphone. The manager can then quickly validate the request and trigger reimbursement of the expense claim.

Concur software

Cost: by quotation only.

Not all mobile expense management solutions are created equal. To choose the most suitable offer, it's essential to take stock of your needs and expectations. By opting for an online business account with a neobank, for example, you're also giving your employees peace of mind, since they no longer have to advance expenses with their own money.

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