Virtual account or virtual IBAN

The virtual IBAN is a payment facilitator and centralizer for professionals. It enables all transactions to be reconciled automatically. It is also the cornerstone for cash pooling.

It works simply by assigning an IBAN to each transaction, so that the issuer of the payment and the final beneficiary are automatically identified.

Like virtual cards, virtual IBANs are associated with a physical account that centralizes all cash receipts. This makes it easy for you to assign a range of IBAN data to a specific department or subsidiary within your company.

This saves time and avoids the risk of input errors during manual reconciliation.


What are the advantages? 🚀

  • Simplify payment management
  • Optimize invoice reconciliation
  • Save time on accounting reconciliations
  • Save money
  • Gain visibility over the status of your accounts


What are the concrete applications for you?


Auto-categorization of your transactions🧮

Mailboxes, calendars... filters are widely used for all productivity tools, giving you your key indicators at a glance. You define a category/customer for a given IBAN range, and all your related operations are automatically assigned.


Assign a specific VAT rate📊

Save time when managing your accounts: you assign a VAT rate to your transactions, with no manual operations to set up.


Take control of your treasury💰

By using dedicated IBANs, you can easily separate your different expense items and activities, and even allocate budgets to your teams.

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