Retailers keep smiling, opt for Super Smile!

For today's retailers, the question is no longer: do you have a payment terminal, but: which payment terminal do you have? Card payment is not only France's preferred payment solution, it's also a fast-growing means of payment. To develop your business, your Super Smile payment terminal is your best ally.



  • No smartphone/tablet connection required
  • Android operation
  • A printer is integrated to satisfy all your customer requirements
  • Dual connectivity with free multi-operator 4G + WiFi connection
  • Autonomy: 800 to 900 transactions on a single charge
  • Many payment methods are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, CB, American Express, la carte française, Paylib, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Ali Pay, WeChat Pay, Conecs (Edenred, Up Déjeuner, Sodexo Pass, Apetiz...)...
  • Contactless payment (up to €50)
  • A deposit can be taken
  • You can accept payment in 2, 3 or 4 instalments free of charge.
  • Frequent updates to offer new payment methods
  • Camera reads QR codes and barcodes
  • A dedicated customer service team, experts in the solution, answers all your questions.
  • All transactions are secure and PCI DSS certified by the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires.


Super Smile : 289€ HT instead of ~~299€~~ HT

Receive a €10 discount on the purchase of terminals with the code SMILEANYTIME10

The terminal is paid for in a single payment.

Standard commissions are :

1.65% per transaction without subscription.

If you'd like to reduce your commissions, you can take out a monthly subscription for €29 and benefit from commissions of 0.65% per transaction.

For Anytime customers, the commission rate is 1.5% for the standard offer.

Super Smile Payment Terminal

Super Smile, the super-modern payment terminal

The Super Smile is the most comprehensive electronic payment terminal in the range. It accepts all French and foreign CB, Visa and MasterCard bankcards. Apple Pay is also available, as are Samsung Pay and Google Play.

This payment terminal enables you to make contactless cashouts with a €50 limit. It's totally secure, and its battery gives it an autonomy of over 800 payments, so you don't have to worry about resting your terminal on its charging cradle between each transaction.

One of the big pluses of this payment terminal is the reader'sbuilt-in printer, which lets you print customer receipts on paper.

What's more, it's not controlled from a mobile app: it's completely autonomous. So, once it's linked to your account, any employee can use it without having to have a smartphone or tablet with the app nearby, reducing your costs while optimizing your operations.


A contemporary solution

Is your customer base growing? Smile&Pay is constantly expanding, always on the lookout for new partnerships to help you reach even more customers. The Alipay and WechatPay payment solutions have been added with this in mind. Are your customers likely to pay you by Conecs restaurant card? This solution is also supported by Super Smile. These options are free to install on your payment terminals. Smile&Pay aims to continue offering innovative partnerships. You get the best offers, at the best rates.


Connected in all circumstances

The Super Smile card payment terminal is supplied with a multi-operator 4G card and also works in WiFi, without the need for a smartphone or tablet connection. No more worries about connectivity on your device, or bluetooth connection. These two options let you cash in your customers without delay, wherever you are. And because it runs on Android, you can download applications to enhance your management. So you have a turnkey solution.

The Super Smile features a touch screen for easy day-to-day use. This payment terminal is also equipped with a camera, allowing you to read QR codes or barcodes without the slightest effort. Thanks to its touch screen, the Super Smile is slightly larger than traditional payment terminals (18cm long, 8cm wide), while its weight of 466 grams is well within the norm, ensuring you have a terminal that's just as effective in a fixed location (store) as it is on the move (delivery, trade fair, event, etc.).


Allow bail to be taken

Deposit-taking is an essential feature of the property rental and hotel business. For certain activities, it is essential to be able to secure the transaction with the customer by taking a deposit at the time of payment. As part of insurance against cancellation or to cover damage, taking out a deposit can be essential for your business. Installation of this feature is free of charge.


Payment in 2x, 3x, 4x at no cost to your customers

Today, options such as payment in instalments are essential for your business. In fact, many customers mention the importance of this option when making a purchase decision. This solution is directly integrated into the payment terminal. For your business, nothing could be simpler: the option is free to install, and when one of your customers chooses this payment method, you have access to all the funds directly, with only a 3.8% commission applied (decreasing rate according to your volume). In this way, you provide your customers with an essential functionality without impacting your accounts.

Super Smile

How to get the Super Smile

It's easy to sign up: just fill in :

  • Your e-mail address ;
  • Your cell phone number ;
  • Your Siret number ;
  • A photo or scan of your valid ID;
  • Your credit card to pay for the terminal.

To do so, simply follow the link below and provide the information requested by Smile&Pay. An advisor will then contact you. Their experts are also on hand to answer any questions you may have about Super Smile.

Once ordered, the Super Smile is shipped to you in a parcel that can be delivered within 48 working hours. Express delivery is also available within 24 hours. As soon as you receive it, it's ready to use. You then have access to an ergonomic online space, enabling you to track your receipts easily and in real time. You can immediately start collecting credit card payments. You don't lose time or customers.


Anytime and Smile&Pay at your side to offer you the best POS solution for your business

Anytime and Smile&Pay offer you a wide range of solutions for collecting from your customers and helping you grow your business. With no fixed fees and affordable commissions, you and your customers benefit from flexible, no-holds-barred solutions.

To find out more about the Super Smile offer, remember your code SMILEANYTIME10 and click here.

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