Occupational risks: protect your business now!

Anytime's ambition has always been to simplify the life of the entrepreneur, to take him away from day-to-day paperwork and concentrate on what's essential: his core business!

One of the first steps in launching your professional activity, and not necessarily the easiest (we agree), is choosing your insurance. That's why Anytime has decided to give you a helping hand by teaming up with Stello, AXA's broker partner.



  • You subscribe online, in 5 minutes.
  • Coverage is immediate, so you get your certificate instantly.
  • The offer is transparent: you'll finally understand your insurance!
  • Our offers are tailored to your profile.
  • Guarantees are scalable and can be adjusted according to your changing risks.
  • If you're already insured, we'll take care of cancelling your old insurance.






Professional liability

Insuring your business should not be an option. Many entrepreneurs skip this step, thinking that insurance is only for high-risk activities, when in fact it's a matter of the utmost importance, right from the start.

The first risk identified for an entrepreneur is that of unintentionally causing damage to others in the course of his or her business. The amounts involved can be colossal, and could even lead to the loss of your business.

Spill your coffee on your customer's new computer? With Professional Civil Liability insurance, your customer is quickly compensated. In other words, you don't have to reimburse third parties for damage caused in the course of your business - the insurance takes care of that for you.

More details here

Easyblue and Anytime Professional Liability Insurance


Protect your business premises

Have you just lost all your merchandise and storage space in a fire? Make sure you're well covered, and don't risk going out of business by insuring your premises.

Burglary, fire, water damage, climatic events, natural disasters, riots and glass breakage: you can rest easy knowing that your premises and its contents (stock, furniture and professional equipment) are protected.

More details here

Easyblue and Anytime local insurance


Protect your professional equipment

Did you spill your cup of coffee on your state-of-the-art business computer? Fixed equipment is covered. All you need is an enclosed area (home, office, etc.).

Do you travel a lot? All your nomadic equipment is covered anywhere in the world, even on the move (car, plane, metro, in the street, on a terrace...).

More details here

Easyblue Anytime Professional Equipment Insurance


Protect yourself against piracy

Cyber-crime, hacking, theft, data encryption, identity theft:cyber-attacks are becoming more and more frequent. With Cyber-Assurance, we cover the cost of intervention and business interruption, right up to the complete overhaul of your IT system.

More details here

Easyblue Anytime Cyber Attack Insurance


How do I subscribe?

  1. Go to your Customer Area 👤 , in the Insurance section ☂️
  2. Select theinsurance you want. 
  3. Fill in your business information and requirements 💡
  4. Sign your contracts online 🖊 then pay with your Anytime card 💳
  5. After payment, you'll receive your insurance certificate 📄 so you're immediately covered in the event of damage!
  6. You can manage your insurance online and declare claims from your secure space.

At any time, you can get assistance by chat or telephone.


Questions you may have


Is professional insurance compulsory?

Professional liability insurance is compulsory for certain professions, such as health or law, chartered accountants, real estate agents, travel agents or insurance agents.

For all other professions, although it is not compulsory, Professional Civil Liability cover is considered essential, as the consequences of your being held liable by a customer or third party can have very serious financial consequences.

I'm already insured. What happens?

Changing insurer has never been so quick and easy! Stello takes care of the formalities involved in cancelling your insurance, free of charge!

I need legal advice about my business

A lawyer's telephone number is available in your Stello customer area. He or she will inform you about your rights and obligations in your professional life.

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