Edebex, Anytime's partner, helps you restore your cash flow

If you run a business, it's possible that payment delays are complicating the management of your working capital. Anytime can help you restore your cash flow thanks to its partnership with Edebex, an innovative invoice sales company.


  • 30 per invoice + an average charge of 4% of the invoice amount
  • Service subscription 350€ per year
  • 100% financing with no holdback


How does it work?

  1. You put your invoice on sale (the one your customer has to pay)
  2. An investor buys it
  3. Money arrives directly into your Anytime account



  • No file or credit committee
  • No deposit or guarantee
  • Money in your account within 72 hours



The principle of factoring and cash advances.

The principle of factoring is simple. Your customers' payment terms are usually 30, 60 or 90 days. Instead of waiting until the due date, you can choose to assign your receivables (i.e. your customer invoices). In this case, they are purchased by a specialized company (usually called a Factor), which pays you a cash amount and then collects the invoice itself.

The law gives you the right to sell your invoices, even if your creditor objects.


The Edebex solution: reselling your invoices.

Edebex offers an innovative solution that's much more flexible than the old players on the market (Factors). Instead of selling all your invoices, you can select the ones you want to sell, with no commitment to a global amount or minimum volume. Invoices are offered for sale to investors on a dedicated platform.

Edebex then checks the creditworthiness of your customer(s) and suggests a selling price. If you accept, your customer is informed of the process by the Edebex teams, who show him the positive points of such a mechanism, and verify the claim. Your invoices are then put up for sale on a platform. When an investor buys, the money is transferred to your Anytime business account within 72 hours. Your customer is informed that his receivable has changed recipient, and on the due date, he pays what he's owed directly into the buyer's account.


When should you use a cash advance solution if you're a business?

You may be interested in this Anytime partner if you want to :

  • better cash flow management: you reduce the impact of payment delays on your cash flow, enabling you to better manage your working capital.
  • eliminate the costs associated with collection delays and the risk of non-payment: by using Edebex, the risk is entirely transferred to the buyer (which is not the case with all factoring contracts).
  • less time spent on administrative management: you no longer have to worry about verifying the collection of your invoices, one by one. This means one less thing to manage. And you save on administrative costs.

How can I benefit from the Edebex offer?

As with Anytime, registration is just a few clicks away.

You must provide the following supporting documents:

  • A scan of both sides of your identity card
  • Your company number
  • If you are not the company manager/director, a power of attorney and a scan of both sides of the company manager's ID card.

Edebex does not ask you to justify your sales or balance sheet. Only your creditors will be subject to a credit check.


What are the rates?

Edebex offers an annual subscription of €350 (excl. VAT), covering management costs. Putting an invoice online costs a fixed fee of €30 (excl. VAT) for the invoice audit. Added to this are service fees (connection, secure payment) starting at 1.45% of the amount (fees based on the quality of the debtor, the amount of the invoice and the volume transferred to the platform). The buyer's discount starts at 0.5% and depends on your customer's creditworthiness according to Euler Hermes, and the due date of your invoice.

The total cost therefore represents an average of 4% of the total amount, whereas factoring companies charge between 7% and 15%.

Investors have access to the platform by paying a subscription fee of €150.

Invoices must have a minimum value of €5,000, except where invoices from the same creditor for the same due date are grouped together to form a batch of this minimum value. There is no maximum amount, although it is advisable to contact Edebex directly before putting an invoice over €100,000 up for sale.


Why put your trust in Edebex?

Anytime chose to set up this partnership because the solution provided by Edebex is completely secure. All members, whether sellers or buyers, undergo an audit before being accepted.

Each invoice is checked before being put online: amount, due date, delivery made and absence of disputes.

Edebex teams investigate the solvency of each creditor. The debtor's solvency is calculated by the credit insurer Euler-Hermès, which makes a precise analysis of the debtor's financial situation based on payment history, published figures and various other ratios. This analysis is completed by Edebex's own analysis based on over 100 criteria.

Anytime works to provide you with services tailored to your needs as an entrepreneur, either by developing new features or through carefully selected partnerships.

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