You are
a freelancer or craftsman

Agility, alone or with others

Whether you're self-employed or run your own small business, you need to manage your finances quickly and effectively.
And you need to be constantly adaptable.
Our solution, more flexible and complete than a traditional bank, is made for you!

A pro account.
One personal account.

Having your business and personal accounts in two different banks can be complex to manage. That's why Anytime lets you have both on the same interface. Everything stays where it belongs! You can isolate your personal or business transactions, take advantage of real-time monitoring, and have a 360° view from your Anytime? customer area.

Classic or virtual Mastercard.

Your Anytime package includes both secure, configurable physical payment cards, and virtual cards to secure your online business purchases. All your transactions can be viewed instantly from your Customer Area. Stay in control!

Real-time notifications to keep track of your operations.

An auto-entrepreneur manages everything at once. Thanks to real-time tracking of your expenses on your smartphone, managing your finances is simplified! A transfer, a direct debit, a card transaction... For each operation, you receive instant notification! You stay in control of your finances. In the event of suspicious transactions, you can act quickly ✅

Free international transactions.

Your business should know no boundaries! ✈️ At Anytime, we understand this. That's why payment with your Mastercard within the euro zone is free! And to take things a step further, payment outside the euro zone is also free of charge, in over 150 currencies. Say goodbye to hidden charges?

Sub-accounts to anticipate your expenses.

Fixed costs or projects are foreseeable, so take advantage of them! To optimize your cash management, opt for sub-accounts. How does it work? A parallel account where you set aside part of your money. Anticipate your expenses (VAT, Urssaf, salaries...) or your projects (purchase of equipment...) No more worries, you're in control of your cash flow?

Quickly produce estimates and invoices.

A quote for a customer? An invoice for your accounting department? In just a few clicks, you can generate your document with your logo and colors directly from your Customer Area, in 100% compliance with current regulations. Don't waste any more time managing your invoicing, and concentrate on your business?

Simplify your accounting.

Accounting is often the bête noire of entrepreneurs! Anytime's ambition is to make you love the end of the month? Your VAT is calculated automatically, and your receipts are attached to each of your transactions. Your exports are easy to generate and integrate into your accounting system. A large number of tools on the market also allow you to benefit from automatic feedback of your transactions?

Our self-employed and small business offers

Gain time and control over your finances today

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How do you set up a freelance or small business?

Anytime can help you

To register as a micro-entrepreneur, all you have to do is visit the URSSAF website.


Declaring the start of your business




Register at
(for retailers and craftsmen only)


Taking out insurance


Open a dedicated bank account
(if sales > €10,000 for 2 years)

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