Cash Management to manage your flows

View the banking position of all your activities in real time. Put in place an analytical vision of your flows and restore meaning to your banking operations.

Centralizing your cash flow

Actual or notional cash pooling

Get a centralized view of your local accounts managed by a parent company, subsidiaries or branches. You can also apply this view to projects you control.

Real-time cash pooling. You define the rules for transferring funds to your central account on a daily basis in ZBA (zero balance account) or minimum limit mode.


Notional cash pooling. You get a virtual vision of your cash position, but without the daily movement of funds.

Automate the reconciliation of funds received and boost your cash flow

Virtual account or virtual IBAN

Reconciliations for funds managing a large number of customers and transactions. Almost 45% of invoices require manual reconciliation.
The virtual IBAN enables you to automate reconciliations and centralize your cash receipts with our cash pooling solution. Linked to your main account, we assign a range of virtual IBANs. Assigning IBANs enables you to unequivocally identify a payment with the issuer.

Lettering of all your transactions

Assigning an IBAN to each transaction

Reconciliation of credit and debit flows

IBAN management by file or API

Better manage working capital with sub-accounts

Sub-accounts and automatic provisioning

Sub-accounts are attached to your main account and act as piggy banks, allowing you to isolate funds. You define rules to automatically or manually transfer funds from the main account to sub-accounts.





Create as many sub-accounts as you need

Replace cash management to reduce fraud

Species suppression

Many businesses still use cash to settle payments because they haven't found a service that makes it even easier to manage their business than with cash. Rather than handing over a cash sum to an employee and then chasing after the receipts, give them a capped Mastercard which you control and which allows you to retrieve receipts in real time.

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