Your accounting under control

Anytime provides invoicing software, facilitates your accounting and assists you with administrative formalities.

Tax dashboard for compliance with tax authorities

Alerts for your declarations

Not sure when to declare income from your company or freelance activity? When to pay VAT? When to file payroll tax returns? When to pay the balance of corporation tax? When to approve the accounts at the AGM?

A complete overview of your expenses

Your transactions

In real time, track all your banking transactions and spending on Mastercard cards.

Transaction export

Real-time notification

Transaction filters

Identification of non-receipted transactions

Transactions associated with expense categories

Your receipts reconciled

Whether you're a micro-business or a well-established company, you need to justify your operations to the tax authorities. We've made it easy for you to do just that, and for each transaction you can add a supporting document.

Associating a receipt with a transaction

Archiving receipts

Time-stamping receipts

Exporting receipts

VAT calculation

By activating the automatic VAT recovery function, you can simplify your accountant's work and identify the amount of deductible VAT more quickly.

Expense reports

By activating the automatic VAT recovery function, you can simplify your accountant's work and identify the amount of deductible VAT more quickly.

Your sales backed up by invoices

Billing software

Prepare quotations and invoices using Anytime's integrated invoicing tool. Enter details of customers to be invoiced and easily manage your customer base.

Justified sales

You can associate each payment with the associated invoice, which will enable you to justify the income. If you use Anytime's integrated billing software, this association can be made automatically.

Easier work for accountants

Export and integration into your accounting or ERP software

Anytime enables your accountant to access your accounts to retrieve card transactions, banking operations and receipts, and to export them as CSV files or by integrating the Anytime API.

  • Integration of CSV transactions in the accounting tool
  • Integration of the Anytime API into the accounting tool
  • Login to
  • Dedicated accountant access to your accounts
  • Automated expense management
  • Retrieving receipts
  • Archiving of supporting documents with probative value.

A customized chart of accounts

Create your rules for assigning your transactions to the class 6 expense account, and define the BOM for each sub-class.

Expert accountants are here to help you

No more accounting chores

Your time is precious. There's no need to waste it playing accountant. Anytime offers you accountants and chartered accountants who will work for you. Whether you're a self-employed entrepreneur or a company director, our offers are tailored to your needs and can evolve over time.

Return the documents to the accountant

The accountant takes care of everything

You don't understand anything

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