The advantages of using Anytime to manage your condominium fees

Managing expenses within a condominium management company can sometimes be complex and time-consuming. Fortunately, innovative solutions such as Anytime can simplify this process, offering efficient and transparent financial management.

Ready to save time and money managing your property management company? We explain everything.

A centralized platform for financial management

Anytime offers a centralized platform that gives condominium owners and managing agents easy access to all financial information. This centralized approach saves valuable time by avoiding time-consuming searches for scattered documents. All information relating to expenses, payments and invoices is grouped together in one place, making it easier to consult and make decisions. And all this at an average cost of 50% less than traditional banks.

Real-time expense tracking

With Anytime, you can track your condominium manager's expenses in real time. This gives you better visibility of financial flows, and avoids unpleasant surprises at the end of the financial year. You can easily view expenses incurred, invoices awaiting payment, and payments already made. This transparency promotes better budget management and enables you to facilitate exchanges with co-owners who want to understand how budgets are managed.

Payment automation

Anytime greatly facilitates the process of paying condominium fees. Thanks to this solution, direct debits can be set up to avoid missed or late payments. Co-owners can also program recurring transfers, making payment management even simpler. This automation saves time and ensures accurate tracking of payments.

Simplified invoice management

Managing invoices can be a tedious task for condominium managers. Anytime offers an invoice scanning function that simplifies this process. Simply take a photo of the invoice and add it to the platform. The relevant information is automatically extracted, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. Invoices are securely stored and easily accessible when needed.
Anytime also provides you with an invoice creation tool: easily reference your suppliers, register your usual products or services and personalize with your logo... In just a few clicks, you'll be editing your future invoices in record time, and enhancing your professional image with consistent, professional administrative management.

A simple, intuitive tool for quick familiarization

Have you been elected to head a sydic de copropriété? Your background may not be that of a manager or a financier, but you still have to comply with certain obligations. The Anytime solution has been designed with you in mind! Simple and intuitive, our functionalities are quick to learn, helping you to spend less time on management, and more time on what really matters to you.

Create quotes in just a few moments and track your cash flow

Before presenting projects to the co-owners, you may find it useful to generate quotes for several services. With Anytime's estimate creation tool, you can edit your estimates in just a few clicks and easily track their validation, payment and the impact of your financial movements on your cash flow.

So, shall we go for it?

There are many advantages to using Anytime to manage your condominium manager's expenses. The solution enables centralized financial management, real-time tracking of expenses, automated payments, simplified invoice management and transparent communication between co-owners, since all flows are clearly identified.

By adopting Anytime, you can considerably simplify the financial management of your condominium and enhance the condominium owner's experience.

Don't let condominium fees be a source of stress, choose Anytime and make your life as a condominium owner easier!