More than 57 features associated with your pro account

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Manage your Mastercard payment cards more efficiently with 57 functions

Euro account with French IBAN

Opt for a French IBAN and carry out all your banking transactions in SEPA format within the euro zone. Easily make and receive transfers and manage direct debits in France and throughout Europe!

Euro account with Belgian IBAN

Anytime gives you the opportunity to choose your IBAN according to your needs. Choose a Belgian IBAN to carry out all your banking transactions in SEPA format in Belgium throughout Europe!

An integrated expense report tool

No more wasting money on lost receipts! With our integrated tool, you can justify your expenses with a single photo, and make your accounting easier: these digital receipts have probative value, and are therefore in line with the requirements of the tax authorities. Say goodbye to shoeboxes full of receipts!

Sub-accounts for professional charges (VAT, RSI, etc.)

Anytime lets you set aside provisions for future professional expenses or isolate your cash flow by creating dedicated sub-accounts (VAT, RSI, other...) attached to your main account. A clearer picture of your finances!

Employee card accounts

Would you like to isolate your teams' card expenses, so that they don't charge the company's main account? Then create a specific account dedicated to the use of bank cards and secure expenses in real time.

Credit transfer in Europe (SEPA)

Make and receive international transfers within the SEPA zone. Benefit from our banking solution for secure, unlimited and fast transactions.

Multiple transfers

Save a considerable amount of time encoding your transfers and make up to 100 transfers at once. Paying your employees or suppliers will be child's play.

Direct debits from your suppliers

Pay your bills and taxes regularly and without forgetting by authorizing direct debit directly from your account. Paying your suppliers has never been easier.

Real-time visibility of your teams' expenses

View all your team's card transactions in real time and keep control of your employees' spending.

Real-time visibility of your subscriptions

Manage and control your digital subscriptions with our recurring-use virtual cards. Assign a card to each subscription (web, software or SaaS) for better expense tracking.

Manage expense budgets by employee

Set limits and budgets for each of your employees. Modify card limits at any time, and block or cancel the cards of your choice. If an employee leaves, his or her card is canceled at the click of a button.

Free international payments

When you travel abroad, the Anytime card means you're exempt from bank charges (excluding exchange and withdrawal fees), keeping costs to a minimum. No more nasty surprises!

Real-time payment alerts

Each time you make a card payment, you can choose to be notified by e-mail or by notification, for a live view of your spending and cash flow.

Encoding a transfer to be made by employees

Your employees can enter a transaction, such as a bank transfer, and attach the supporting document. Thanks to personalized permission levels, the manager can then validate the transaction.

Physical or virtual Mastercard business card

Take advantage of a card tailored to your needs, whether it's a physical card that allows you to pay and withdraw cash anywhere in the world, or a virtual card that facilitates all your online payments.

Virtual single-use Mastercard business card

Whether to reduce fraud attempts or to control employee spending, this single-use card can be created as part of a transaction for a specific amount.

Nano Mastercard contactless card

A mini-sized bank card for all your contactless payments! Easy to slip into your wallet or put on your key ring, take advantage of a compact bank card to make everyday life easier.

Customer direct debit (inter-company)

Avoid unpaid bills and offer your customers a simplified means of payment by automating the payment of your recurring invoices (subscriptions or membership fees) with direct debit.

Online payment

Get paid remotely without wasting time. Send a payment link we provide by SMS or email to your customer. They fill in their credit card details, and payment is immediate. You can attach the corresponding invoice to your payment request.

Payment page

Want to increase your online sales? You can opt for a payment button on your website. This solution is simple, fast and secure, and allows you to easily increase your conversion rate.

Payment terminal

Cash your customers easily by credit card with an easy-to-use payment terminal, at an affordable rate and with commission rates specially negotiated for our customers.

Real-time collection alerts

Keep up to date with what's happening on your account. You'll receive immediate notification as soon as your account is cashed.

Create invoices and customer files

Turn your Anytime space into a real sales tool. Consolidate all your customer data in a single file. This saves you time when creating invoices, which you can then send directly to your customers.

Identify unpaid invoices and follow up with customers

Our solution enables you to link a customer and his invoices to a dedicated IBAN. At a glance, you can check the status of payments in progress, and easily follow-up with your customers in the event of unpaid invoices.

Supplier file creation and IBAN encoding

Pay your suppliers in one click by entering their bank details directly in your interface. Encode all essential supplier information and save your invoices to control and track your orders.

Dedicated card accounts for each employee

Easily manage your fleet of cards in just a few clicks, with accounts clearly separated from your main account for greater visibility of your employees' expenses.

An account that feeds card accounts

Your main account feeds your employees' card accounts. You can easily allocate a budget to each account, with no risk of cards being debited from the main account. Your expenses and those of your employees are isolated.

Define a budget per project or per team

Use your manager interface to assign a precise budget to each project or team, so you can keep full control of your cash flow while empowering your employees. You can adjust the amount allocated at any time in just a few clicks.

Setting a budget per card

Allocate a budget to each card to facilitate your accounting. Differentiate your business expenses simply and intuitively (subscriptions, gasoline, office supplies, etc.).

Access management (accountant, finance, management, employee)

Give access to your company's account to the employees of your choice. Right-hand man, salesman, accountant, financial director... Delegate while maintaining control.

Team rights management

Card ordering, monitoring and control of each expense, accounting export... Define the roles of each of your employees according to their role and needs.

Team card management

Order the cards you need in just 2 minutes via your interface. Receive real-time details of your employees' transactions and the balance remaining on the budget you've defined. Check the associated accounting vouchers.

Manage employee spending and withdrawal limits

Define a precise budget for each employee. Choose card limits. Activate and deactivate contactless payment, ATM withdrawals and Internet payments in real time. Block and unblock the cards of your choice in real time.

Complete Mastercard settings

Block and unblock the cards of your choice in real time. Define the days when cards can be used (exclude weekends, for example.) This feature is available in our "Expense Management" offer.

Supplier IBAN fraud management

Protect yourself from IBAN fraud. With Anytime, only your supplier can modify his bank details. This considerably reduces the risk of IBAN fraud, whether internal or external to your organization.

Protection against expense fraud

With our expense report solution, you can track expenses directly and request proof of purchase. Limit card use by day and/or amount. All these controls enable you to detect any fraud very quickly.


Don't worry about running out of working capital! Sell your invoices for a cash advance. With no obligation, select the invoices you wish to sell, with no overall amount or minimum volume. The creditworthiness of your customers is checked and a selling price is proposed. (Service provided by one of our partners)

Short-term fixed-rate financing

Sell your purchase orders, and stop worrying about cash flow problems! Upload your purchase order to the platform, and raw materials are purchased directly from your suppliers. No commitment, no personal guarantee, transparent pricing. (Service provided by one of our partners)


Do you need funds to start up or expand your business? We offer short-term financing at fixed rates. Quick and easy, you can apply for credit online in just 3 minutes, and receive an agreement in principle almost immediately. Visit our Connected Tools page to find out more. (Service provided by one of our partners)


A 100% digital financing solution to quickly meet your short-term cash needs with our partners. Anticipate your projects, increase your inventory or deal with unforeseen expenses. An offer in 10 minutes and a definitive answer within 24 hours.

Financing for the self-employed

It's possible to obtain a loan without going through a traditional bank! Thanks to our partners Adie and October, find the financing solution that suits your needs. As self-employed people, you can access a bank loan by registering entirely online. Find out more in our "Connected tools" section and on our blog.

Invoice-based late payment insurance

Make sure you get paid on time. In the event of late payment, you receive 90% of your invoice on the due date. You get the remaining 10% once your customer has paid the invoice.

With API, tailor-made management of your accounts and extracts

Use our API to create the solution that best suits your business needs. For example, you can associate an incoming flow with a customer or invoice, or configure an export type specifically adapted to your needs. Thanks to the API, simplify and automate your accounting reconciliation!

Initiate multiple transfers via our APIs

Use our API to automate the creation of transfers by integrating this process directly into your system. This feature is particularly useful for payroll management, or if your business requires a large number of reimbursements.

Automatic transaction import

Import the list of transactions carried out on an account, retrieve issuer IBANs, initiate payments... This saves you time and gives you peace of mind.

Real-time email alert

Your account movements are updated in real time. Thanks to e-mail notifications, you can keep track of your expenses and transfers at all times, so you can optimally manage your expenses and those of your team.

Real-time alerts on your application

Receive notifications on your phone after every card transaction. You'll also receive an SMS every time you load your card and after every payment. Track your transactions in real time at all times.

Scan of receipt

Each card transaction appears in real time in your customer area. Your staff can attach a photo of the invoice. Digitized versions of invoices have the same value as paper versions. No more lost receipts!

Real-time receipt association

After each transaction, your employees can instantly attach the receipt. For each transaction, you'll find a receipt for the expenses incurred on your interface. You know who spends what and when.

Billing and quotation tool (optional service or included in your offer)

An ultra-simple, intuitive tool directly linked to your Anytime account, with all the features you need to better manage your day-to-day bookkeeping. Edit your invoices, draw up quotes and take advantage of automatic reminders for unpaid invoices, so you can concentrate on other essential tasks.

Chartered Accountant

Save time by entrusting your accounting management to our partner. Benefit from a rigorous service to manage your accounts and keep up to date with regulatory changes, without the risk of delays in your declarations and payments. Service not included in our offers. More information on our Rates page.

Enrichment of each card or bank transaction

In addition to attaching a proof of payment after each transaction, the employee also has the option of leaving a comment. Annotate your transactions for greater clarity and to help your accountant identify each transaction.

Add an accounting receipt to each transaction.

Forget the hassle of expense reports! Add a receipt to each transaction in real time. No more waiting for expense claims to be reimbursed, and no more hunting for receipts in the accounting department. A considerable time-saver for your company.

Allocating expenses to a project

Assign each of your company's expenses to a project with a defined budget. See the difference between your projected and actual budgets at a glance, so you can better understand the evolution of your business by clarifying your figures.

Customized accounting export

Simplify data exchange with your accountant. At the end of the month, your accountant can retrieve all transactions via links containing both dematerialized expense receipts and reconciled VAT. Service available on request.

Chart of accounts setup

Expenses can be linked to your chart of accounts. Our expense report solution lets you set the chart of accounts to match your business perfectly. Set up the chart of accounts as your own via your personal space to facilitate your accounting reconciliation.

Compatible with 100% of accounting software

Transaction exports from your business account are compatible with all accounting software, including the market leaders (Quadratus, EBP, Cegid, Ibiza, Sellsy, Exact, Fiducial...). Need a customized format? We can! Contact our sales teams to find out more.