How do I obtain a Kbis certificate?

At a time when entrepreneurship is on the rise, it's important to be aware of the Kbis extract. Indeed, more and more companies are entering the market: entrepreneurship has the wind in its sails. However, a number of procedures need to be taken into account before getting started. This document is useful for both companies and individuals. It not only identifies the company, but also keeps it up to date.

What is a Kbis extract?

The Kbis extract reveals the details of a company registered with the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés (RCS). An official document containing company details, it is a true identity card for each company.

Obtaining a Kbis extract is an effective means of verification, since it is the only official document summarizing the information that companies are required to declare. The information provided by companies is verified and therefore authentic. Thanks to its regular updating, the information is always accurate and illustrates the company at any given moment. This is why, if you need to provide an extract for any reason, it must be less than 3 months old.

What exactly does this Kbis extract contain? On this identity card, you'll find, among other things, the name of the registry office, the address, the legal form, the company name, as well as its capital, its date of creation and details of its activity. You'll also find the company's NAF code, currency and identification number. This document is a real treasure trove, containing all the information linked to a company's identity. Since November 1, 2013, the website's domain name has also been included.

Why get it back?

Obtaining a Kbis extract can be useful in many situations. A bank may ask you for an extract when opening an account or granting a loan. Likewise, when you buy professional equipment from distributors, or apply for a public tender. What's more, if you wish to take part in certain events (trade fairs, exhibitions, markets, etc.), you will systematically be asked for a Kbis extract to prove your registration. So many uses that give this official document great importance.

Trade and Companies Register

Among other things, the RCS is responsible for making the information on the Kbis available to the public. This identity information must be provided by the companies themselves. Listing and making this data accessible enables everyone to be transparent. Transparency is essential in this field. All the more so as anyone is entitled to order a Kbis extract from the company of their choice. Whether you're a natural or legal person, you're free to obtain this famous document.

Infogreffe website to order a Kbis extract

Infogreffe is a platform for establishing links between commercial court clerks and companies registered with the RCS. You can only receive a Kbis extract by requesting one from the commercial court clerk.

The accessibility of legal and financial documents from the registries is an essential asset today. The website also enables everyone to find out the precise identity of every French company, to ensure their credibility. In addition to the Kbis extract, the Infogreffe site provides a wide range of data, including summary sheets and key figures. Information on annual accounts, articles of association and even company history is also available. However, not all this information is free of charge.

Anyone can order a company's Kbis extract: + Search for your company's name on On this new page, go to the "Official documents" section, then to the "Kbis extract" tab. + Then follow the instructions for ordering. You'll need to select the method of transmission (by post or e-mail) and click on "complete order".

The procedure for obtaining a Kbis extract is simple, clear and fast. It makes it easy for anyone to obtain the information they need.

Note that if the company is an EIRL, the document is called a certificate of registration in the special EIRL register. However, it contains exactly the same information as the Kbis extract, and can be obtained in the same way.

Regular mailings

To keep track of Kbis extract updates, you can opt to receive them periodically. Intended for traders and companies, this procedure enables precise monitoring.

You can select the frequency at which you wish to receive your extract. The maximum duration of regular mailings is 24 months. Once you have made this request, you will automatically receive the extract by mail, depending on the period requested.

In addition, you'll be able to track regular shipments, including planned and actual shipment dates. You'll also have access to all order references.

Rates for K or Kbis extract requests per copy (as of May 1, 2018)

On-site collection at the clerk's office Send by post Online transmission (by download or e-mail)
2,82 € 3,91 € 3,53 € (= 2,82 € + 0,71 €)

Key points to remember about Kbis extracts: + Kbis extracts can be likened to company registers, and constitute genuine proof of identity. + The information is true and verified. In fact, you can only receive an extract from the clerk of the commercial court. + the Infogreffe website enables you to receive your extracts quickly and easily. + you can schedule regular mailings to keep track of updates.

A true corporate identity card, the Kbis extract is an indispensable document with multiple uses. It's easy to obtain, part of the entrepreneur's itinerary, and a great help to anyone seeking information about a company.

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