Developing your business: partnership, collaboration or outsourcing?

Do you want to expand your business and attract new customers? There are several possible solutions, including establishing new relationships with other companies. 📈

There are several possibilities, but it's not always easy to tell them apart 🤔

The partnership 🤝

A relationship where many decisions are made together (the sharing of tasks, rates, ...) this requires trust and openness between both parties. It's always best to find a partner with complementary skills to boost your business 🔥

  • This type of contract is common among service companies

✅ The pluses

  • The right division of labor saves you time and money
  • Having a partner can lighten your financial load

⛔️ Minus

  • A partnership implies a fairly high level of dependence on the part of each party
  • The wrong choice of partner can be fatal for the company



Collaboration 👥

A relationship of agreement on a project, where you essentially state how you collaborate and what it looks like. 📝

  • This type of contract is frequently used by lawyers.

✅ The pluses

  • Each person works on his or her own part, without the need to work together all the time.

⛔️ Minus

  • The wrong choice of employee can put the brakes on your business



Outsourcing 🕵️

Rather than a relationship, focus instead on a simple agreement between two parties, where you entrust the other to perform a task or service for a customer. 💸

  • This type of contract is frequently used in the construction industry.

✅ The pluses

  • Multiple subcontractors let you choose the price
  • Confidentiality clauses can be added.

⛔️ Minus

  • The prime contractor takes the risk of not being paid by the customer, while the subcontractor is protected from non-payment.


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