Pay your customers by direct debit

According to one study, payment delays force more than half of business owners to resort to emergency financing. Collecting from your customers no longer has to be an obstacle for you. Anytime, in partnership with the GoCardless platform, makes it easier for you to get paid by automating your customer collections via direct debit.


  • 1% per transaction
  • Minimum 0.20€, maximum 2€.
  • No monthly fees


What is a direct debit?

Also known as direct debit, a direct debit is a solution that allows you, as a company, to collect customer payments on your account when they fall due.

Direct debit is one of the best ways to manage recurring payments. It gives companies greater visibility over their payments, so they don't have to spend too much time on them. Direct debit is one of the solutions you should implement to manage your customers' subscriptions. The other solution would be direct debit by credit card, which Anytime also offers.

Companies are still resorting to highly manual procedures to collect money, which generates numerous payment delays and puts a strain on their cash flow. To avoid this, direct debit remains the best solution.


What types of direct debit does Anytime handle?

There are two types of SEPA direct debit:

  • SEPA Core Direct Debit
  • B2B SEPA direct debits between companies

SEPA Core Direct Debit is the most widely used direct debit. To set up this type of direct debit, your customers will need to provide you with the bank details of the account to be debited. We will debit your customer's account according to the agreed debit dates. SEPA inter-company direct debits (B2B) are used for payments between professionals or with the French administration (tax, URSAFF, etc.).


When to use this solution

If you collect money from your customers on a regular basis, whether for subscriptions or invoices (fixed or variable amounts), this direct debit method is for you.

  • Keep up to date with collections: direct debit allows you to automatically collect amounts due on a specific due date.
  • Save time: your invoices are automatically debited from your customers' accounts, and invoice status is updated in real time.
  • Optimize your cash flow: you can control the timing of direct debits and anticipate cash inflows. This gives you greater visibility over your cash flow.

How can you set up direct debits to bill or collect from your customers?

  • Go to your Anytime customer area,
  • Click on Bankstore
  • Select our GoCardless partner by clicking on "Activate".
  • Answer a few quick questions
  • An advisor will contact you shortly to discuss your needs.
  • Once you've set up your direct debit solution, all you need to do is define the frequency, amounts and number of payments you wish to collect from the interface.
  • Then invite your customers to accept the secure, 100% online direct debit mandate. The direct debit mandate is automatically created from the billing information you provide.
  • Receivables will then be collected automatically by direct debit from your customer's account on the due date without any intervention on your part.
  • You can also connect your direct debit solution to your usual invoicing/accounting tool and benefit from automatic reconciliation.


What are the rates?

The fees are clear and without surprises:

  • 1% is charged per transaction
  • Minimum: €0.20 / transaction (with a maximum of €2)
  • No monthly fees


Why trust GoCardless?

Anytime chose to set up this partnership because the solution provided by GoCardless is reliable and secure. What's more, GoCardless, like Anytime, has set itself the mission of making life easier for entrepreneurs.

More than 30,000 companies throughout Europe already place their trust in the online payment platform.

Anytime works to provide you with services tailored to your needs as an entrepreneur, either by developing new features or through carefully selected partnerships.

GoCardLess offers an innovative and accessible solution for managing your direct debits: no traditional, cumbersome manual processes to manage your direct debits, and no high administration costs. GoCardLess has set itself the mission of making direct debits simple and accessible for all businesses. Whether you're a sole trader, a start-up, a small business or a large corporation, GoCardLess can adapt to any size of structure.

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