Creating invoices with Anytime has never been so quick and easy!

In the age of digital everything, you're probably wondering whether you should switch to digital invoicing? The 2020Finance Act, aimed at reducing payment times as much as possible, is moving in this direction by imposing electronic invoicing for businesses from 2024. Don't wait any longer to take your company to 100% digital invoicing: you'll make a smooth transition while gaining in efficiency, time and, above all, payment times.

Anytime lets you manage your invoicing from A to Z, from quotation to secure online payment.

Introducing the Anytime billing tool

Your invoices are 100% personalized, everything is flexible

You can choose the layout, include your company logo, add your billing details, display the IBAN of your Anytime account to which you will receive payments...

Customize your invoice completely

How do you create an invoice and get paid?

  1. In your Anytime customer area, go to [Cash receipts] > then click on [Invoices and estimates].
  2. Create your own personalized invoice (company colors, logo, terms of use)
  3. If you wish, you can send a payment link to your customer to speed up invoice payment, or e-mail your invoice to your customer.
  4. You can track all your payments at a glance: draft, paid or unpaid.
  5. In the event of late payment, you choose the frequency of automatic reminders, which are sent directly to your customer.

What guarantees are there in the event of an inspection by the tax authorities?

We guarantee 100% tax compliance. All the legal information required by the tax authorities is included on your invoices, quotes and purchase orders. In the event of an audit, you comply with the regulations in force.


  • Save money by easily managing the entire billing chain with a simple & intuitive tool
  • You save time with an entirely digital process: no more paper, you can manage everything from home in just a few clicks!
  • Receive payments faster with payment links you can send to your customer
  • Enhance your corporate image with highly personalized invoices
  • Anticipate non-payment and late payment by automatically reminding your customers
  • Your accounting is simplified, thanks to automatic reconciliation and integration of your payments
  • You comply with current regulations in the event of an inspection.
  • You greatly reduce your environmental impact


The billing tool is included in Easy, Boost, Business and Corporate packages.

Optional €9.50 per month for the Start package.

To take advantage of this service, go to your customer area, click on the heading [Collections] > then on the line [Invoices and Estimates].

Why not switch to electronic invoicing? The benefits for you and your company

Faster bill payment

Don't have to put up with late payments from your customers. On average, invoice payment delays in France are around 11 days for SMEs. Yet there are many ways to reduce this gap, not least by digitizing your invoices.

Immediate remote payment of your bills

Send your customers a payment link to get paid faster. The payment service is immediate and totally secure, preserving and protecting your cash flow.

Intuitive management of all your receivables

At a glance, you can keep track of all your payments. On a single page, you can check the status of all your payments in a matter of seconds, so you know where you stand.

Automatic reminders for late arrivals

You can automatically dun your customers when necessary. Reduce the risk of late payment or non-payment. Customize your reminders to maintain the commercial relationship with your customer.

Creating an invoice with Anytime is simple and intuitive

Saving time is essential for your business

Your time is precious, and with this invoicing tool, your team saves a considerable amount of time. Reduced administrative workload, fewer encoding errors, easier accounting: you save time for all your staff.

Easier management of quotations and invoices thanks to a single integrated tool

No more lost mail: your invoices are sent instantly. All your invoices, quotes and deposits are now in one place. All your invoicing documents are centralized in a single software package.

A professional, error-free invoice

The creation of a customer file and a catalog of your products and services means you can create invoices more quickly.

No more typing errors: everything is automated. It's so easy to use that your invoices won't contain any errors: all the legal information is included, and you can customize your invoices to include all the information specific to your business. Add your logo, your colors, your T&Cs, and you've got the added professional value you're looking for.

An economical and ecological system

Savings and a real commitment to the environment: switching to electronic invoicing reduces your impact on the environment while saving you money.

A paper invoice costs more than an electronic one

The cost of issuing a paper invoice would be €8 compared with €5 for an electronic invoice, which equates to a cost reduction of around 40%. With digital invoicing, you eliminate a number of important steps: paper consumption, printing costs, postage, storage space... A cost reduction that requires little effort.

With electronic invoicing, you reduce CO2 emissions by more than a third (Basware report.) You lower your environmental impact while saving money.

A reliable archiving system: find your documents easily

Practical, functional archiving, simplified accounting

You no longer have to rummage through endless piles of binders: if you need to, every invoice is just a click away. You gain peace of mind and are no longer stressed by lost documents.

You become your accountant's best friend: payment transactions are automatically reconciled in your Anytime account. Each invoice is associated with the corresponding transaction.

Documents with legal value

In the event of an audit, don't panic: you have easy access to your documents. All invoices comply with current regulations. Your documents comply with tax authority standards.

Why choose Anytime to digitize your invoices?

Always at the service of entrepreneurs, Anytime gives professionals the maximum number of tools to make their day-to-day work easier. Much more than just a pro account, you benefit from additional services that add real value to your business. Anytime's invoicing tool is very comprehensive: benefit from real management of your customer base, including invoices, quotes, credit notes, purchase orders and drafts, while remaining 100% compliant with current regulations.

It's now possible to manage all your invoicing via your Anytime account! From January 1, 2024, electronic invoicing will be mandatory between companies subject to VAT, to protect them from late payment.

Today, Anytime lets you anticipate this law with a billing tool directly linked to your bank account. You can also track your bill payments in real time. Not only do you save a considerable amount of time, you also save money and improve your accounting. Your documents are easy to consult, and you're doing the planet a world of good.


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