Unpaid invoices: the Anytime solution to deal with them ✨

Anytime is committed to fighting late payment and non-payment to protect your business! ☔️ Today, one French SME in two is a victim of late payment, which represents almost 5% of sales in unpaid invoices for 1 company in 5 😰

To avoid this, Anytime has teamed up with Gcollect: the first platform for professionals to meet collection specialists 🔥




  • You don't advance any money until collection is finalized 🧘

  • You can submit an unlimited number of invoices, even in batches 🤸‍♀️

  • You benefit from the most competitive collection fees on the market 🥇
  • Optimized tracking of unpaid invoices via a centralized screen 🔍
  • Your customer relationship is protected thanks to amicable resolution




  • Freemium offer: 5% commission on amounts collected
  • Premium offer: 2.5% commission on amounts collected + €249 excl. tax/year


No commitment 🔥

👉 You don't have to pay anything up front- you only pay when your bill is covered!

GCollect remains entirely free of charge for all stages prior to invoice payment (reminders letters, registered letters, etc.), and is remunerated only if your invoice is collected by fees validated when the procedure is launched. ✅


How does collecting your unpaid bills work? 💬


  1. You submit your invoice 🧾
  2. Your unpaid balance is assigned to the collection professional at the best rate 📲
  3. Sign a quotation with the chosen service provider in just one click ✍️
  4. The service provider collects your invoice 🤝
  5. You receive the money you're entitled to(less GCollect fees and commission)

Why use Anytime to collect your invoices? 🤔


When faced with unpaid bills, it's hard to know what to do 😨

Contacting a professional debt collector is not a reflex for many managers. And for those who do, the solutions available(bailiffs, lawyers...) are expensive and complicated 🤯

Although it's legitimate for the entrepreneur to ask for his money, the fear of losing his customer is also omnipresent. Outsourcing this burden can be a real relief 🤩

Unpaid invoices are those that are overdue. This recurring problem exists in all types of businesses (craftsmen, shopkeepers, self-employed professionals, farmers, auto-entrepreneurs, VSEs, SMEs, etc.).


Gcollect gives contractors a choice 💭

GCollect is a digital marketplace for obtaining the best rates from professionals. You submit your invoice and the algorithm puts you in touch with collection specialists. You then decide which collection specialist you want to work with ✍️

The platform takes care of negotiating the best rates for your invoices. You're sure to get the best collection rate on the market 👌


A simple, transparent procedure 🤸‍♀️

As with any marketplace, a rating and evaluation system guarantees the efficiency of collection service providers! 🧘

In concrete terms, you place your invoice on the platform, sign the mandate with the collection professional you're interested in, and you've got nothing more to do! 👏


A secure customer relationship 🤝

Disputes are resolvedamicably so as not to damage your relationship with your customers. You follow every step, so you stay in control 🔍

Digitized and 100% secure, the platform simplifies negotiation, lets you set up a payment schedule, and manages the sending of payment requests and the flow of money.


Solutions to simplify collection ✨

To facilitate debt settlement, GCollect now offers two types of collection:

  • Cascaded collection, which consists in triggering a cascade of different professionals (collection companies, experts, bailiffs, etc.) to find a solution for each situation. Supported by an artificial intelligence engine based on past behavior, the best solution is found.

  • Modular collection, which enables you to deal with cash-flow difficulties and make instalment payments, all within a legal and technical framework. The debtor is supported in his difficulties, and the creditor secures payment of his invoice.

Increase your invoice collection rate! ✅



How do I activate the feature? 📲


  • Go to your Anytime Customer Area.
  • In the menu, click on "INVOICES" and then on "Collection of unpaid invoices".
  • Fill in your personal details on the page that opens.
  • The process is launched! 🚀



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