Discover Adie: a committed player with its inclusive financing offer

Looking for an ethical and inclusive financing solution? Anytime trustsAdie, which offers financing solutions of up to €12,000 to help entrepreneurs realize their business projects. The association's mission is to enable people excluded from the job market and the traditional banking system to create and develop their own business. To achieve this, Adie offers comprehensive support and inclusive financing.

Inclusive financing for entrepreneurs

Adie offers inclusive financing for entrepreneurs who do not have access to traditional bank credit. This offer is accessible to anyone with a business creation or development project who does not have the guarantees required by traditional banks.

Who can benefit?

Whatever your line of business, wherever you are (in mainland France and overseas) and whatever your status, Adie offers microloans ranging from 500 to 12,000 euros. This money can be used to finance investments, working capital, equipment purchases, training...

You can make direct financing simulations on their online tool.

Adie financing simulator

How can you benefit?

To qualify for this financing, you must have a friend or family member who believes in your project, and who is willing to guarantee your loan up to 50% of the amount borrowed.

What's the price?

  • Microcredit amounts: up to €12,000
  • Repayment terms: 6 to 48 months
  • 1st payment can be deferred for up to 3 months
  • Rate: 9.75% (fixed rate)
  • Solidarity contribution: 5% of the loan amount to help Adie operate and enable other people to be financed.

Comprehensive support for project developers

In addition to its financing offers, Adie provides personalized personalized support for all. Whether setting up a new business or expanding an existing one, Adie provides a network of experts in entrepreneurship and financing.
This network includes business start-up advisors, chartered accountants, lawyers, notaries, bankers, investors, suppliers and even potential future customers.

Business plan white paper

Adie has also set up a comprehensive comprehensive training program for project leaders. It includes modules on : 

  • business creation, 
  • business management, 
  • marketing, 
  • human resources, 
  • accounting, 
  • financing... 

Training courses are led by company professionals and are tailored to the needs of each beneficiary.

A positive impact on the French economy

Since its creation, Adie has enabled the creation of over 160,000 businesses and financed more than 300,000 projects by 2022. These businesses have generated over 200,000 jobs in France.

Adie is doing its bit to help increasefinancial inclusion, thanks to its range of financing solutions for people excluded from the traditional banking system. This enables them to set up their own business and become financially independent.

A partner you can trust

The collaboration between Anytime and Adie is based on shared values.  

  • Human dimension and excellence in customer support
  • The desire to offer everyone the same opportunities for success
  • Positioning yourself as a business partner 

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