Unpaid invoices, late payments: protect your business with Anytime

Do you feel anxious about late payments? 87% of SME managers say yes. But the traditional ways of protecting yourself are not adapted to your needs: too complex, too costly and the eligibility criteria too high. Anytime has found the solution by teaming up with Dimpl, the invoice insurance service.



Volume-based discounts (from 1.2% to 3% on the amount excluding VAT, at no extra charge).


How does it work?

  1. Create an Anytime account
  2. You have invoices
  3. Insure the invoice(s) of your choice with our partner Dimpl
  4. In the event of late payment, you will receive 90% of the invoice amount on the due date.
  5. You will receive the remaining 10% when the customer pays the invoice.


What happens if the customer doesn't pay?

If the customer does not pay, you keep 90% of the invoice amount.

Don't worry about reminders, our partner will take care of them for you.



  • No more stress, secure your cash flow
  • No commitment: no physical appointments, no paperwork and no hard-to-get information, just use the service when you want.
  • An easy-to-use interface. No customer reminders, so you can keep a constant eye on your cash flow.
  • No surprises: Fixed, transparent rates. You pay for the service when you get your money.


Insure your bill with Anytime


Why protect yourself against late payment?

Late payment is a real threat for SMEs, accounting for 25% of all bankruptcies. Unlike large companies, a hole in your cash flow of just a few thousand euros can have a major impact on your business: you may be unable to pay your suppliers, or have difficulty paying your wages, for example. That's why Anytime offers you a no-obligation, easy-to-use and secure service. Your customer can't pay on the due date? In just one click, receive your money and secure your cash flow. No more uncertainty about the payment date.


1. No more stress, secure your cash flow

Don't worry about unpaid bills! You can be sure that your insured receivables will be recovered.

By opting for this service, you are guaranteed to receive 90% of your invoice amount within 48 hours of the due date. The remaining 10% will be paid to you when the customer pays.

As the future is uncertain, in the event of non-payment you retain 90% of the invoice amount.

Unlike other similar services, keep control of unpaid invoices and customer relations right up to the due date. It's only after this date that our teams take over.


2. A no-obligation service

With its invoice-based service, there's no need to commit. Need visibility on cash flow? Doubts about debt collection? Be flexible.

It's easy to subscribe to our service. No more tons of paperwork, no more endless appointments...just a few clicks. From a dedicated interface, you submit the invoices you wish to insure. The eligibility of the invoice (*) is then directly checked by our teams, and you receive an immediate response. No quotes, no waiting.


3. Simplify your working life

Don't waste your time chasing after late customers - our partner takes care of them. He'll take care of them amicably. These reminder mails can be sent from your business mailbox to give you total control, or delegated entirely.

Improve your cash flow visibility. Thanks to our guaranteed payment on due date service, you can anticipate the inflow and outflow of all receivables. There's no need to speculate - you can anticipate. And to protect your cash flow, the cost of the service is deducted only when you receive the indemnity or payment from the customer.


4. Insure your outstanding invoices at a fixed price

This offer features a transparent sliding scale of charges ranging from 1.2% to 2% of the amount (excluding VAT) per invoice to be recovered. No surprises: no estimate, no extra charges!


Anytime at your service to protect your cash flow

Helping you to better manage your business account also means protecting your cash flow. That's why Anytime helps you insure against late payment and non-payment.


Questions you may have


1. Why should I insure my invoice 10 days before the due date?

This service enables you to insure your invoice against a potential delay, provided it is not already overdue. The 10-day waiting period corresponds to our insurance partner's waiting period.

2. What happens if the customer defaults?

If your customer doesn't pay, you keep the 90% insurance indemnity paid by our partner, and we close the file.

3. How long will it take for me to receive my compensation?

From the due date of an invoice, you can request payment of the indemnity from your profile created on our partner's interface. The payment will appear in your bank account 48 hours after the request.

4. What are the eligibility criteria? Is it possible to insure an invoice for a company abroad?

Our partner insures invoices between companies in France. Eligibility is based on a company's risk score.

5. What's the difference with a collection agency?

The indemnity paid on the due date offers a cash flow guarantee of up to 90%, which is not the case with collection companies. Collection companies can be complementary in the case of invoices already overdue, but their costs are generally much higher.

6. How long will it take for me to receive my compensation?

From the due date of an invoice, you can request payment of the indemnity. This will appear on your Anytime account 48 hours after the request.

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