How can I change the invoice editor in my accounting system?

Creating quotations, editing invoices, then sending and filing these documents... All these actions take time, and in the business world, time is money. You can seize the opportunity to change management methods and take advantage of the tools available online to optimize your invoicing. There are many high-performance tools available to simplify this kind of repetitive task.

Focus on the Invoice Editor, a tool that greatly facilitates the invoicing process of your accounting organization. Instructions and benefits.

What is an invoice editor?

An invoice editor is software that helps you improve your commercial, accounting and financial management. It's an indispensable ally for saving time and reducing human error. It edits quotations and invoices, transmits them by electronic means, classifies and archives documents, and integrates them into the accounting system. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Sales activity analysis, product catalog, customer file, supplier schedule, automatic reminders... these are just some of the possibilities offered by an invoice editor to help you manage your business on a day-to-day basis.

The legendary Excel spreadsheet is outdated. It's no longer enough to manage accounting. If a company wants to grow, it's essential to consider equipping itself with at least an invoice editor.

The benefits of an invoice editor


It goes without saying that using a billing facilitator speeds up the process. Once you've set it up, everything happens automatically. Then all you have to do is manually insert the specific data for each invoice. The amounts are calculated without any risk of error.

Immediate document transformation

With just a few clicks, you can transform your quotation into a purchase order, a delivery note and then an invoice. The same elements are used on all these commercial documents.

Compliance with legislation

Government regulations on invoicing are strict. With a software application, the mandatory information is respected, and invoices are issued in chronological order, with no break in numbering.

Ease of use

Easy to learn, online software requires no special expertise. The interfaces are clear and intuitive. What's more, most of the time, contractors are accompanied by our customer service team to get them up and running.

Remote access

Accounting data can be gathered and synchronized online. This means they can be accessed at any time, even on the move, from any digital device (smartphone, tablet, etc.). They are stored on secure, cloud-based servers.

When and how to set up an invoice editor?

The best time to set up an invoice editor is during the year-end closing period. In fact, it's better to introduce a new organization at the start of a financial year than during the course of one.

Choosing the right software for your needs means making a few comparisons. It all depends on the size of the company, the number of invoices issued, the complexity of the accounting and the budget. Thechartered accountant also has a say in the matter, as the software must be compatible with that used in the firm.

There are specialized estimating and invoicing tools for construction companies, micro-businesses, the medical professions... These are available free of charge or for a fee, for download or online. Depending on your situation, you'll need to draw up a list of your requirements and think about the constraints of your profession.

Steps to change your accounting organization

Once you have chosen your software, proceed step by step:

  • Take the opportunity to update your files and delete anything you don't need;
  • Make a backup of all your data, preferably on an external hard drive, to avoid losing them during transfer;
  • Set up your invoice editor,
  • Train accounting staff,
  • Start manual entry.