Invoice dematerialization: saving time, space and money! 🙏

As you know, digital invoices are gradually becoming indispensable for professionals. Preferred by customers and required by institutions as part of the fight against VAT fraud and tax evasion - remember that the digital format will become compulsory in the private sector from 2024 - they also represent numerous advantages for you.
Let's take a look at the key points of dematerialized invoicing together 😉

Key points for dematerializing invoices ✅

In addition to its content, which also complies with strict rules (👉 more info here), the digitized invoice must meet format requirements in order to have legal value.

There are several options available to you for valid and honest digitization:

  • The electronic signature, performed using a certified tool validated by a competent legal authority, such as CM Sign
  • The exchange of invoices and documents in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) format. This is a method in which the entire invoice life cycle, from issuing to processing, is completely dematerialized. For more information, click here.
  • Documentation of a reliable audit trail (or PAF).

PAF documentation is a process that clearly and comprehensively presents the purchase or sale of a product or service using precise documents and supporting evidence.

The main documents required for PAF documentation are :
- Purchase order,
- Delivery/receipt slip,
- Proof of payment,
- Invoice
- Contract (if applicable).

📌 Please note: implementation of this solution depends on the size of your company.
More information is available here.

All these conditions strongly encourage companies to modernize their hardware resources, in particular by equipping themselves with software capable of ensuring a secure electronic archiving system. And we've got a little something for you - stay tuned! 😊


The advantages of paperless invoicing 👌

Cost reduction 💸

Paper format generates costs! Machine, ink, paper, envelopes, shipping, electricity, maintenance... Digitization reduces many of these costs, and even eliminates some of them.

Data centralization 🏟

Digitization means bringing data together in a single digital space. This approach is all the more practical in that it enables the staff who need them, such as your accountant, to have access to these invoices at any time, and to keep an exact trace of the information.

Saving time ⏱

Data centralization saves you considerable time! Forget the time-consuming search for information. Invoice dematerialization tools often include practical search engines, enabling you to find what you're looking for in just a few clicks.

Always more safety 🔑

Digitized documents are securely stored in a dedicated, protected area, unlike paper formats, which can be lost, stolen, damaged or even altered by ill-intentioned people.

Saving space 📦

By digitizing invoices, the company can reduce the amount of paperwork and free up space. Gone are the days of stacking boxes and filing rooms - you've just reclaimed an entire room for your new relaxation area!

A gesture for the planet 🌱

And last but not least, dematerializing invoices helps limit resource consumption - and for that, the planet thanks you! Zero paper by 2022!


Anytime to your help 💯

Are you convinced of the benefits of dematerializing your invoices, but don't know where to start? Anytime offers you an invoicing tool directly linked to your bank account! It also lets you track payments in real time! Not only do you save a considerable amount of time, but you also save money and improve your accounting. Your documents are easy to consult, and you're doing the planet a world of good. Interested? 👉 Click here!