Professionals in the building and civil engineering sector, our partner PRO BTP offers you the best possible support.

To carry out your day-to-day professional tasks with peace of mind, you need to have a clear head and the assurance of good support. Thanks to the partnership between Anytime and PRO BTP, you can be as far-sighted with your expenses as you are with your health!

Health, providence, insurance, savings, retirement, vacations, PRO BTP is the 1st professional social protection group serving companies, craftsmen, employees, apprentices and retirees in the building and civil engineering sector, as well as their families. The Group offers you optimum coverage in the event of unexpected events (work stoppage, disability or death), and is France's 8th-largest health and provident insurer, with 5,972 employees and nearly 3 million people covered by health insurance.

Our collaboration with PRO BTP is no accident.

Anytime and PRO BTP share the same values and expertise:

  • Belonging to a group with strong values, such as Responsibility, Proximity and Trust
  • Quality expertise and personalized service tailored to your business
  • Simplified formalities (less paperwork and fewer supporting documents for greater flexibility) 
  • A shared commitment to customer service quality

Are you a building professional looking for expert support from the leading construction insurer? 

Visit the PRO BTP website to find out more!