How do you choose between a neobank and a pro bank?

If you're a business owner, entrepreneur or micro-entrepreneur, it's essential to ask yourself the right questions to make the right choice between a neobank, an online account and a traditional bank when opening an online business account.

The existing banking offer

All pro banks currently offer the following services:

  • a business account
  • means of payment(Mastercard or Visa, bank details)
  • manage your business accounts (consultation, bank statements, insurance)

In addition to these services, we also offer :

  • payment solutions
  • credit solutions
  • contact with an advisor

Before comparing the different options offered by pro banks, you need to define your needs precisely and identify the services attached to your business account.

The alternative to traditional banks: pro neobanks

What is a neobank pro?

A neobank is a modern, 100% digital business account that has been completely redesigned to meet user expectations. In order to offer an alternative to traditional banks, neobanks offer, in addition to classic functionalities, complementary services designed to facilitate the daily life of a 2.0 entrepreneur.

In accordance with European legislation, the money you deposit with a neobank like Anytime is protected and supervised by the ACPR(Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution), part of the Banque de France, or the UK's Financial Conduct Authority. Funds are not invested on the financial markets as they would be in a traditional pro bank. This means that, even if Anytime were to go bankrupt, you could recover the full amount and transfer it to the business account of your choice. The funds you deposit with neobanks are blocked in technical pro accounts known as ring-fenced accounts. These pro accounts have a special legal status, since the funds cannot be used by neobanks. They are protected.

The advantages of a neobank

If you're a business owner, you'll save precious time. In fact, you can open a pro account in just a few minutes and manage all your transactions from an application, in 3 clicks, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. To sign up, neobanks ask you to take a photo of your passport or ID and upload it to their dedicated mobile app or via the ergonomic interface available on the web. A few seconds later, you'll receive your RIB attached to your pro account. The RIB is also known as an IBAN.

A major advantage of neobanks is that their rates for business accounts are considerably lower than those of professional banks, and include one or more free Mastercard pro bank cards.

Unlike a professional bank, you won't have to put together a paper file presenting your project with a business plan. You're accepted unconditionally. This is because neobanks don't offer credit. Creditworthiness criteria are therefore not taken into consideration when opening a business account. Once you've opened a business account, you're free to manage it as you see fit.

No credit is an advantage. You'll never find yourself overdrawn or paying agios. You have complete control over your budget.

With Anytime, you don't have to guarantee a minimum income or commit to a turnover like some online banks.

Anytime offers you a French RIB/IBAN to facilitate your administrative procedures. Direct debits from public bodies, such as Urssaf or telephone subscriptions, can only be made from French accounts. If you do not qualify for a French RIB, an English RIB will be provided.

Taking stock of your finances is instantly accessible and secure.

An online pro account doesn't mean there's no one to talk to. Advisors are on hand to answer any questions you may have. At Anytime, you can benefit from privileged follow-up by subscribing to the Premium offer.

How do I get a French RIB?

Few pro neobanks offer French IBANs/RIBs. Players such as Revolut and N26 don't offer a French IBAN, instead issuing a German or British IBAN.

To obtain a French Anytime RIB, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Identity card, passport or residence permit.
  • Make a first incoming transfer from an account in your name opened at a European bank OR if you don't have a bank account, you'll need to provide a second piece of identification. If you are opening an account for a company, this first transfer can come from the company's account or from the manager's account.
  • Provide proof of address less than 3 months old (rent receipt, water, electricity or gas bill, telephone bill).

Choosing between a neobank, an online financial institution and a traditional bank

If you're about to open a pro account, ask yourself the right questions about your needs.

Turn to a traditional bank if :

  • you need to take out loans with your bank, or if you expect to be able to benefit from overdrafts on your business account.
  • you're not comfortable with digital.
  • you need to cash a lot of cheques.
  • you accept a lot of cash payments.
  • you need to speak to an advisor and meet him or her in a physical branch.

In this case, pay attention to several things.

  • Pricing conditions can vary enormously from one pro bank to another. You'll probably be offered a package. Be sure to check whether you need each option, as they all cost money, and don't hesitate to negotiate.
  • The bank's commercial strategy: not all banks target the same customers, and some pro banks may have negotiated partnerships with chambers of commerce or certain professional organizations. Their advisors may be more or less experienced, depending on your area of expertise.
  • Branch network: the opening hours of physical branches are rarely flexible. Choose a bank with a branch close to your home or office.

On the other hand, a solution like Anytime is perfectly suited to your entrepreneurial profile if :

  • you are autonomous and at ease with mobile applications.
  • you need to efficiently manage your expense accounts with several Mastercard cards, capped and defined with a budget associated with each employee.
  • you're looking for a less expensive, more flexible solution than traditional business banks.
  • you need both terminal and online payment solutions.
  • you're interested in à la carte services perfectly suited to entrepreneurs and microentrepreneurs.

Can neobanks or online financial institutions provide certificates of capital deposit when a company is set up?

There are different legal forms for setting up a company:

Type of company | Partners | Directors | Share capital --- | --- | | --- Sole proprietorship (EI) | 1 sole trader | 1 sole trader | no Single-member company with limited liability (EURL) | 1 individual or legal entity | 1 or more managers | free Limited liability company (SARL) | 2 to 100 individuals or legal entities | 1 or more managers | free Public limited company (SA) | minimum 2 individuals or legal entities | Board of Directors from 3 to 18 members | minimum € 37,000
minimum €37,000 Société par actions simplifiée (SAS) | minimum 1 individual or legal entity | 1 president (legal representative) | free Société en nom collectif (SNC) | minimum 2 individuals or legal entities | 1 or more managers | free

If you have chosen a company status that includes share capital, you need to open a business account to be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and obtain a Kbis.


If you're a microentrepreneur, even if you don't need to open a pro account, you must open a dedicated account within a year of launching your microenterprise. This dedicated account can be a business account or a personal account;

With its partners, Anytime offers 2 formulas.

  • The certificate of capital deposit issued by a notary, which will enable you to register your company and obtain a KBIS.
  • Complete company formation: Anytime's partners will help you draw up the articles of association, file the application with the Registrar, create the certificate of capital deposit and deliver the KBIS.

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