Customer profile : INSAART

INSAART (or Institut de soin et d'accompagnement pour les artistes et techniciens) is an association that provides artists with professional, psychological and creative support. Born of a synergy between cultural and health care professionals, it seeks to free the word on recurring problems encountered in the artistic milieu. Here's how it works.

INSAART, in a few words... 

INSAART is "a helping hand for people in the show business who need it", says Marie Nowak, President of the association. In concrete terms, this translates into 3 main activities.

Support for artistic projects

The first activity is linked to AUDIENS insurance. They call on INSAART to support around 100 artists a year. These people need to reflect on their professional project, learn new techniques...

To achieve this, the Institute works with 7 facilitators (in comedy, dance, music, etc.) who meet with the people concerned for 4 hours. Theassociation then gives a favorable or unfavorable opinion for the subsidy of an artistic project (shooting of a clip, purchase or repair of equipment...).

Raising mental health awareness in art schools

INSAART also works in art schools to talk about the importance of mental health and to open up discussions with younger artists. They launched this program during the covid period, notably by setting up a hotline to talk about mental health issues, and continue to do so today.

Free psychological support

Several volunteer psychologists and psychiatrists welcome artists who feel the need to talk, free of charge. This represents around 150/200 people a year.

Why choose Anytime? 

"The moment we won our tender, we simply realized that a bank account for the association would be essential. After doing a bit of research on the internet, I realized that Anytime had the perfect service for us, and that they were already supporting quite a few associations," explains Marie Nowak, formerly a music publisher and President for the past 4 years.

For 3 years now, INSAART has relied on Anytime, particularly for real-time monitoring of the association's accounts and transfers.

"What I particularly appreciate is how easy and fast it is, and how responsive the teams are. Even though I'm more into music than numbers, it was easy for me to get to grips with the management side of things", confides Marie Nowak.

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