6 reasons to love the bankless account

While the idea of an account without a bank may seem hard to believe for some, it is nonetheless a reality.

Over the past few years, online financial services and their bankless accounts have revolutionized the world of banking for professionals and private individuals alike. It's not really a current account, but a payment account offering a wide range of possibilities. This innovative offer is becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason: it's sure to please! What you need to remember is that the main difference with a bank is that you can never be overdrawn. Credit offers are not available.

What are the advantages?

An offer accessible to all.

1. Impossible to be in the red

The No. 1 advantage of an unbanked account is theimpossibility of overdraft. Since they are not banks, but rather ancillary establishments, they are unable to offer overdraft facilities, which are no more or less than credit.

This characteristic makes it a banking service accessible to those who are not bankable, and perfect for those who find it difficult to manage their spending. And while no-bank accounts don't allow you to obtain a checkbook, they do give you access to a RIB and, in some cases, a nominative bank card. This means you can cash in your income and pay out and withdraw as you wish, as long as the account has sufficient funds.

2. Something for the whole family

In addition to individual and joint accounts, neobanks offer special services for young people, accessible from the age of 12 and fully configurable. With adjustable limits and real-time notifications, you can remotely manage your teenager's bank card to keep control of spending. Whether you're looking to give a young teenager a sense of responsibility, or to give a student some independence, the bankless account offers many solutions to help everyone find their own balance.

3. Innovative services with 100% digital and mobile management

No bank, no branch, so account management is 100% online. This is the second main aspect of the bankless account. Where it's usually necessary to make an appointment at a branch, or go to the counter, this new-style bank account lets you carry out day-to-day operations online.

Better still, while the services of an online bank are generally accessible via the Internet, those of a neobank are accessible via a comprehensive and intuitive mobile application. The keystone of the system, the application focuses on the quality of the customer experience, offering an easy-to-use interface. It allows you to keep an eye on your account at all times, anywhere, anytime, by logging on with a single click.

Nevertheless, responsive customer service is available by chat, email or telephone, and it is sometimes possible to have a dedicated advisor assigned to your account. In principle, a comprehensive FAQ also makes it possible to find answers quickly and at any time.

4. Outstanding services

In addition to simplicity of operation and time savings in day-to-day account consultation and management, online financial services also offer services that are inaccessible in traditional banks.

For example, Anytime offers :

  • Simplified national or international transfers, carried out in just a few clicks from the application, at any time without having to call an advisor,
  • The ultra-fast deposit to fund your unbanked account in 2 minutes using a Visa or Mastercard,
  • Refunds between friends only via the telephone number or by entering the reference ANY,
  • Card management from the application: change code, block or unblock in the event of loss or theft, adjust limits, etc,
  • Set up kitty pools with payment requests by email or SMS.

Anytime application

5. Quick and easy opening

An online account without a bank is also synonymous with rapid opening (48 hours on average). Whereas opening a personal account at a traditional bank requires an appointment with an advisor, and therefore more or less considerable delays. The Anytime account can be opened in just 5 minutes, and your legal file validated within 48 hours:

  1. Download the application.
  2. Enter your personal details.
  3. You send the few documents you need using photos taken with your smartphone.  
  4. You will immediately receive the RIB of your new account and can take advantage of the services of your no-bank account.

This extremely simple and fast procedure can, of course, be carried out at any time and from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

6. Simple, attractive pricing

One of the additional strengths of the bankless account is its easy-to-read pricing. Whereas traditional and online banks offer multi-page pricing brochures, neobanks have taken the decision to offer shortened, no-surprise pricing. So, in addition to account management fees that are generally lower than for other players, the no-bank account is subject to few occasional charges. Especially since the absence of an overdraft makes it impossible to apply agios.

Le compte sans banque is a no-frills offer that focuses on the user experience, with an easy-to-use application for managing your account on a day-to-day basis. It's also a service offering that's up to date with the times, simplifying transactions thanks to its 100% digital operation. Finally, it's an account that's accessible to all, with no means-testing and no initial deposit, and that takes just a few minutes to open. In this age of digitalization, with so many advantages up its sleeve, it's easy to see why this type of account has made such a breakthrough in the banking market.

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