Digital solutions to manage your works council's budget efficiently

Since January 2020, the Social and Economic Committee has been the sole employee representative body in companies with more than 11 employees. Its mission is to defend their interests, ensure that their health and safety are respected and that they work in good conditions. The CSE is made up of the employer and a staff delegation whose number of members varies. During meetings, delegates have the opportunity to negotiate benefits for all employees, such as the introduction of luncheon vouchers or an inter-company crèche. This body is therefore important to the majority of employees.

Like any organization, the CSE has a budget to cover two types of expenditure: the budget for day-to-day operations and the budget for social and cultural activities. Digital solutions exist to manage this budget efficiently. Find out more here.

Which software to choose for the CSE?

For reasons of simplicity, it is preferable to choose a single tool, a single platform on which employees can manage their benefits, such as gift vouchers, or consult the latest CSE information.

For elected representatives, the same management software will enable them to keep the accounts or draw up minutes. It's a time-saving solution, far more cost-effective than going through several service providers and then centralizing everything.

There's a lot of software on the market. It's not easy to choose. Prices vary according to the size of the Social and Economic Committee and the number of employees. It's best to ask for several quotes, and don't hesitate to negotiate.

What features are needed in a good software package?

After consulting employees on their wishes and defining the budget, CSE representatives examine the various software functionalities. They must be able to offer at least the following benefits to employees:

  • Ticketing: cinema tickets, show tickets, concert tickets, travel tickets...
  • Gifts: gift cards, vacation vouchers, luncheon vouchers...
  • Partner offers to suit all tastes: local and national

The dashboard must be mobile-readable, and the interface modular and intuitive. Service providers often offer turnkey solutions to improve workers' well-being, while complying with regulations imposed by the Urssaf.

As far as accounting is concerned, the CSE treasurer, even if he or she is not always a trained accountant, is still required to present proper accounts, taking into account the separation of the two budgets (operating and ASC). Accounting software for social and economic committees is specially designed for CSE treasurers, as it is easy to use. Integrated accounting ensures total data consistency between day-to-day management and accounting entries. All accounting-related income and expenditure is imported and exported automatically. With a single click, you can view the accounting situation.

What questions should you ask before choosing?

Before choosing a tool to manage your CSE, there are a few questions you should ask yourself collectively, as everyone is involved. The solution must suit everyone.

It's essential to look beyond the accounting side of things. As the Social and Economic Committee's missions have become multiple, software has adapted to manage both beneficiaries and ASC (subsidies, gift vouchers, etc.). The software selected must be able to evolve over time. Attractive social and cultural activities are one of the main criteria for beneficiary satisfaction. It's up to the elected representatives to identify the activities that will appeal to the greatest number of employees, and to choose the service providers with the richest and most varied offer.

One of the questions to ask concerns the needs of the CSE. This will depend not only on the size of the company, but also on its policy in this area. A small CSE needs an easy-to-use platform and at least one ticketing system. A website or application is also very useful for communicating with beneficiaries, while online accounting management is a plus.

For large CSEs, digital tools are becoming a must. Tailor-made solutions are added to the basic functionalities.
The question of budget must also be taken into account. The more complex the software and the more services it provides, the more it costs. Even if it can quickly pay for itself, you need to set the right budget, which can vary from a few dozen to several thousand euros per month.

Data protection is also a key consideration. The Social and Economic Committee, which processes private data, must guarantee that it is secure and complies with RGPD compliance.

Then, what support and after-sales service can elected officials expect? The initial training and follow-up offered by the service provider are also criteria not to be overlooked. It's essential to find out about the service provider's experience and reputation.

With so many digital solutions on the market, every CSE has every chance of finding the one perfectly suited to its structure and the needs of its beneficiaries.