Banque Populaire or Anytime account: comparison of services and rates

Opening a pro account is an essential step for anyone running a business. However, given the variety of offers on the market, it can be difficult to make a choice. To help you, here's a comparison between Banque Populaire's pro offer and that of Anytime.

Banque Populaire pro account, services and rates

Banque Populaire is a regional bank, meaning that each region has its own offer. While the offerings are all based on a common foundation, they may differ somewhat from region to region, both in terms of services and rates.

What does the Banque Populaire pro offer include?

Banque Populaire 's pro offer is called Rythméo. The common base for all Banques Populaires is as follows:

  • Business current account with management fees and chequebook
  • Cyberplus Pro access to view accounts and perform certain transactions
  • Securing means of payment, covering in particular risks related to the loss or theft of means of payment, papers or keys
  • Card reader for strong authentication
  • 1 paper account statement /month
  • A cash deposit card

Note: Some regional banks also offer preferential rates on certain services or on the bank card associated with the account.

Compare the rates of a Banque Populaire pro account with an Anytime pro account?

The cost of a Banque Populaire pro account depends on the region in which it is opened. The Rythméo package may be subject to a fee ranging from €7.50 to €30 per month, or from €90 to €360 per year.

Depending on the caisse you belong to, the bank card may be included in the membership fee, but more often than not you'll benefit from a discount on a rate ranging from €30 to €280/year. The discount can range from 10% to 25%, depending on your offer.

Offer type Rythméo
Agreement/fees 102/year 61/year
Account management 96/year 204/year
Visa Business card 45€/year 53/year
Movement commission 0,15% 0,15%

On the other hand, many additional charges may apply depending on the operations. To find out more, consult the rates for the main Banque Populaire products and services.

  Anytime Banque Populaire  
  Anytime BPCE (Banque Populaire Caisse d'Epargne)  
Accepted legal forms SA, SAS, SASU, SARL, EURL, EI(RL), SCI, Professions, Associations and Auto-entrepreneur in natural and legal person. Find out more here. Micro-companies, SAS, SASU, SARL, EURL, SCI, liberal professions, associations  
Monthly package From €9.50 From €30  
Movement commission No transaction fees From 0.06% to 0.20% per movement  
Bank card prices 0/year 1 card included in offer 53/year  
Virtual bank card prices 50 included in offer No  
Expense management module included with Easy package No  
Dynamic management of card limits included in the offer No  
Payment terminal Offered by our partner On quotation after a personalized study  
Payment button 0.25 € + 3.8% per transaction VAD contract required  
Bank card type Mastercard Visa or Mastercard  
Remote banking package 0/year From €30/year  
Checkbook No 1,05€  
Cheque cashing No Unlimited  
Credit or overdraft authorization Conditionally with our partners Yes  
Customer service Customer service by e-mail included. Advisor available by phone from the Easy package. Appointments by appointment  

How do I open a business account with Banque Populaire?

There are two ways to open a Banque Populaire pro account: at a branch, by appointment, or online. To open your pro account, you will be asked to present :

  • Proof of activity
  • One or two proofs of identity
  • One or two proofs of registered office address

How much can I save with an Anytime pro account?

In contrast to Banque Populaire 's offer, which is difficult to read due to regional differences, Anytime's offer is simple, with pricing conditions on a single page. Suitable for all professional profiles, this offer is made up of 2 formulas. The difference between the two offers lies in the fact that you have an advisor to support you in your relationship with Anytime.

Reduction compared to BNP Paribas -52% -25%
Anytime Offer Offer Start offer From €9.5/month
Or €114/year (without telephone advisor)
Easy Offer From €19.5/month
234/year (with telephone advisor)

What's included in the Anytime pro package

The Anytime pro account Start package includes:

  • Business current account
  • A personal current account to better juggle your business and personal expenses
  • 1 Mastercard 
  • 50 virtual Mastercards to pay online or remotely
  • A comprehensive management application that lets you carry out all your day-to-day transactions over the Internet or by phone (European and international transfers, transaction listing, card blocking, 24-hour card PIN access, etc.).
  • Free transfers and direct debits in euros
  • Real-time sales and alerts
  • A package of services that enables you to benefit from the many services offered by Anytime or its partners (expense management, payment terminal, cash management, etc.).

What's more, this online pro account lets you easily set up payment methods such as a payment link by email or SMS, a payment button for a website, or even order a payment terminal to collect from customers (supplied by SmileandPay and Sumup).

How do I open an Anytime pro account?

You can open an Anytime pro account entirely online, at any time. In just 5 to 10 minutes, after filling in the essential information and providing a photo of your ID, you'll be able to access your account and obtain a RIB. Within 48 hours your account will be activated (provided you have supplied all the requested documents listed below).

To meet legal requirements, the opening of a business account with a RIB FR (for direct debits and bank transfers) is subject to the need to provide :

  • A copy of a valid identity document
  • Proof of address less than 3 months old in your name
  • The first transfer to your Anytime account must be made from a European bank account in your name.

To send these documents, all you need is a photo taken with your smartphone, which saves precious time during the subscription process.

With much more attractive rates and an offer totally tailored to professionals, Anytime is an excellent alternative. Easy to use, the dedicated application lets you carry out all your operations at your fingertips, in just a few minutes. An extremely simple way to manage your company's accounts from anywhere, at any time.

The Banque Populaire pro offer includes almost 23 pages of detailed charges

The Anytime offer, on the other hand, is clearer and more transparent. Comprehensive and accessible, it offers an excellent alternative for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. Especially as the ability to manage everything from the free application saves a considerable amount of time, which has a positive impact on business management.

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