Green-Got: an account to finance the ecological transition

Aware that traditional banks won't be redirecting their carbon-intensive investments towards sustainable projects any time soon, which will only delay the ecological transition, Maud Caillaux and Andrea Ganovelli have created a 100% green neobank called Green-Got. The neobank will be operational by the end of the year.

Financing projects that contribute to the ecological and energy transition

Green-Got was born of the realization that savings are not sufficiently leveraged to combat climate change. On the market, few players are positioned in this niche, despite the fact that today, the biggest carbon footprint of a French person is his or her bank account. At the end of 2019, two NGOs, Oxfam France and Les Amis de la Terre, judged the carbon footprint of France's major banking groups to be "colossal", representing almost 4.5 times the greenhouse gas emissions of the whole of France.

The Green-Got start-up offers exactly the same services and the same type of application as other neobanks, with the difference that customers' money is always invested in green projects. So nothing changes for the saver and his current account. The amount invested remains the same, but every euro will be used to finance energy renovation projects, renewable energy production, local and sustainable agriculture, and not fossil fuel industries such as coal, gas or mining.

Partnerships with eco-friendly brands

In addition to its current account offering, Green-Got will provide users with savings solutions. The neobank will pre-select viable and secure projects, and consumers will be able to choose those in which they wish to invest. The co-founders also plan to set up partnerships with committed brands to encourage more responsible consumption.

To benefit from all its services, you'll have to pay 6 euros a month. The price has been set as fairly as possible to enable the startup to maintain its independence and make the right investment choices.

Obtain ACPR approval

Over 4,000 people have already pre-registered on the platform in just one month. The official launch of Green-Got is scheduled for the end of the year. Its eventual aim is to obtain approval from theAutorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution (ACPR) to become a payment institution, and to join forces with a bank in order to operate under its banking license.

To support the 100% green neobank, all you have to do is register directly on its website to become part of the community and be kept informed of the project's progress. Pre-registered members will receive an e-mail as soon as their account is available.