All you need to know about credit mediation for businesses

The credit mediation system was created to help entrepreneurs rapidly negotiate a rescheduling plan for their bank loans. What are its particular features? How do I contact the credit mediator? All the answers.

Credit mediator: what does he do?

Created in 2008 during the financial crisis, credit mediation is an organization housed within the Banque de France, whose mission is to support companies facing financial difficulties. 105 mediators, Banque de France directors in mainland France and directors of issuing institutes in the French overseas territories, are present throughout France to re-establish dialogue between the institution and its financial partners.

The credit mediator can intervene in the event of a debt rescheduling refusal, or to resolve other problems: a denunciation of an overdraft or other line of credit, a credit refusal, a guarantee refusal, a reduction of guarantee by an insurance company.

Who can contact the credit mediator?

The scheme applies to all companies, whatever their size, legal form or business sector. Companies, sole proprietorships (retailers, craftsmen and farmers, self-employed professionals, micro-entrepreneurs) and players in the social economy (SSE) are all eligible.

Only companies in suspension of payment are not eligible to apply to the credit mediator. In fact, mediation only intervenes to help entrepreneurs who are going through a difficult period and who have prospects for economic development.

How to contact credit mediation

Companies wishing to take their case to the Credit Mediation Service must complete their file online on the Mediator's website. This step should only be taken if negotiations with the bank fail.

The following documents are required to complete the application:

  • Your contact details: postal address, telephone number, job title, e-mail address ;
  • Company details: address, telephone number, business sector, legal form, capital, SIREN number, date of creation;
  • Company financial information: sales, net income, balance sheet total and bank debt, shareholders' equity for the last 3 years, cash position for the last 3 months;
  • Contact details for your financial institutions: address, telephone number, e-mail address, current amount outstanding, amount outstanding requested, amount of bank receivables refused.

Once the case has been referred, a mediator will contact you within 48 hours to make an initial assessment and decide whether the case is eligible. After drawing up a plan of action, the mediator then contacts the banks concerned, which have 5 days in which to review their position.